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  • 2015 Fall SEASON Game Day!

    Volleyball Sep 1 HEAT 0     Sarasota Christian 0 Volleyball Sep 1 HEAT 0     Sarasota Christian 0
    Football Sep 3 AHSA Commandos 0     CHEF 0 Football Sep 3 CHEF Patriots 0     Acadiana Commandos 0
    Football Sep 3 Christian Patriots 0     Elkhart Christian (Ind.) 0 Football Sep 3 NVHAA Centurions 0     Quantico High School 0
    Volleyball Sep 3 KASH Eagles 0     Lafayette Panthers 0 Volleyball Sep 3 KASH Eagles 0     Lafayette Panthers 0
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  • 2015 Football Standings (snapshot)

    Carolina Crusaders-York (SC)...................................3-0-0
    Cavaliers-Anderson (SC)........................................3-0-0
    CHEF Patriots-Baton Rouge (LA)..............................2-0-0
    Crimson Knights-Indianapolis - southside (IN)...............2-0-0
    Georgia Force-Gwinnett (GA)....................................2-0-0
    North Georgia Falcons-Canton (GA)...........................2-0-0

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  • 2015 Girls Volleyball Standings (snapshot)

    Cobra Athletics-Victoria (TX)..................................7-2-0
    Silver Lightning-Indianapolis (IN)..........................6-0-0
    GCAA Stallions-Cabarrus (NC)...................................3-0-0
    Lions-Kansas City East (KS)....................................2-0-0
    Northwest Storm-Indianapolis (IN)...........................2-0-0
    CHSM Crimson Knights-Houston (TX)...........................1-0-0

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  • The 2015 East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships will be March 10-14, 2015

    Home of the East Coast
    Homeschool BASKETBALL Championships.
    March 14-18, 2016





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Homeschool Football:
The 2015 Season is Here!

HSPN is following the homeschool football season from preseason to post season. Here is a new pic from Tri-State Crusaders in a CALA league win against Grand Rapids Patriots. There are many more stories in the football website section. Also see our coverage of Sports Leagues

Follow the Story of the Central Panthers Homeschool Football Team

More Football...

Northern Virginia Centurions team photo (from FB post)

Homeschool Football League held its Jamboree last Saturday. (from FB post)

Columbus Crusaders with a win over Noblesville Lions (from FB post)

North Georgia Falcons go 2-0 in the early season. (from FB post)

more stories on our web section: 'Football'...
Volleyball Report
Fall Season is Here!

Volleyball season is here! Here is a new pic from the RCV Patriots hanging out at practice. There are many more stories in the volleyball website section

More Volleyball...

Great Falls Bulldogs - Volleyball from Montana in a pre-season tournament. (from FB Post)

CCAA Cougars JV - Volleyball won the Cincinnati Trailblazer's Side-Out Tourney! Congratulations Tori Mohr on making All-Tournament team!. (from FB Post)

KASH Lady Eagles -Volleyball... (from FB Post)

Northwest Storm -in action against Wabash Warriors... (from FB Post)

More in the 'Volleyball' section...
Soccer News
Fall Season is Here!

Fall soccer teams are now or will soon be in action. Here is a new pic from the Kalamazoo Cougars Varsity soccer Runner up in the Loy Norrix tournament last weekend! There are many more stories in the soccer website section

More Soccer...

HRSC Monee Patriots - in action against Portage (from FB Post)

More Soccer news...
On the Cross Country Trail
And There They Go...

Here is the latest cross country pic from the Lubbock Titans - before the 5K/Fun Run to benefit a Premier Sportsplex employee. We're covering the cross country season on our xCC website section

More Cross Country...

Aggieland Panthers - Cross Country had a great time running this weekend on the new Texas A&M Cross-Country course (from FB Post)

KC East Lions - practice runs (from FB Post)

More Cross Country news...
PRAISE! Prayer and...
Positive News

From Columbus Crusaders in Ohio: Thank you Crusaders Coaches for your focus! (photo courtesy Kirby Hsu)

From HSAA in Dallas: God is ALWAYS in the details!!! After replacing helmets for VARSITY (through a miracle), we were able to add NEW VARSITY SHOULDER PADS!!! This was definitely another GOD thing!

More good news...

Our MOST POPULAR feature is the Team Locator System which allows you to a select from any state in the USA to see the listing of current homeschool teams AND to view requests from families trying to find or organize a team. Every day, a new posting or request is added to the Team Locator System. Check out what is happening in your state right now!

Here is a small sample of activity within the past few days:

(posted Sep 1) Seattle coach wants to start a cross country team..

(posted Sep 1) Charlotte coach wants to start a homeschool wrestling program for MS and HS.

(posted Aug 31) Bowie family looking for basketball for 10th graders.

(posted Aug 31) Richland family looking for cheerleading opportunities.

(posted Aug 28) Neosho 12 yog looking for a volleyball team.

see more Team Locator Postings...
Is Your Team on the National Scoreboard?

Your team can post its game schedule, final scores and won-loss records on the ONLY National Homeschool Scoreboard.

Who is on the scoreboard?...

Our 3rd most popular question deals with how to get recruited, NCAA guidelines, and athletic scholarships. So we partnered with some of the nation's largest and most knowledgeable experts...

SkillTraxTV Launches Homeschool Athlete Sports Recruiting Platform

EVANS, GA. - The September 2015 release of a brand new cutting edge recruiting platform for Homeschool and Christian based school programs has been announced by SkillTraxTV.com's Marketing Director, Daryl Knight.

The system offers parents, coaches and organizations an aggressive tool by which to take total control of their personal or team recruiting. In this release, SkillTraxTV.com has put together features never before packaged in the online recruiting category.

"We'd rather be recognized more as a tool or weapon in the arsenal of our members hands than as just another recruiting platform. We want to be more in the background of the recruiting process than in trying to brand the athlete and ourselves at the same time as you see with most all of the other platforms. This is why so many coaches hit the delete button these days", said Knight.

SkillTraxTV CEO and Founder, Coach Pete Meadows added, "Many college coaches have shared with us that they have reached a point where when they see a communication coming from one of these current platforms, they are not giving it the same attention as they may have five, ten years ago. So coaches are actually becoming some what ad blind to their messages. Which not fair to the athletes who are putting their hopes in getting noticed".

read the entire article...

from NCSA .

Athletic Recruiting Scholarships for Homeschool Athletes

See more on our new website section: 'Athletic Recruiting'...
Homeschool Sports Council

Essay: Homeschool Sports Eligibility
Keeping Up With The Times

updated July 16th As one of the pioneers in homeschool sports, HSPN has been on top of the flexibility and changes in homeschooling since 1991 and today is no different. This essay, we believe, is the best model for today's time. As long as there is no ONE NATIONAL governing body for Homeschool Athletics for ALL SPORTS, then the best fit, as always, is to get back to our roots of establishing a Christian environment that we control that is both an outreach and a sports ministry - designed by and for homeschool parents, leaders and students.

read entire essay and post your comment...

Hall of Famer!
Congratulations Coach Payne

EHA Guardians varsity baseball Coach Phil Payne was inducted into the American Legion 52 Hall of Fame tonight at the 2015 Big League World Series in Easley SC. Congratulations Coach Payne (from FB Post)

See more baseball stories...
"Photo of the Year" Winner

During the 2014-15 school year, HSPN posted over 700 "Photos of the Week" canvassed from various social media posts (FB, Twitter, IG, etc) and from those 16 top photos were voted on for "Photo of the Year".

On July 1st we announced...

Homeschool Sports Photos of the Week! We've started a new collection of Photos of the Week for the upcoming school year (July 2015 through June 2016). Keep posting and follow us on social media and we may include your photo.

The Search is on...

add your request...

North Carolina family interested in Wrestling Middle and High School.» details...

Mississippi family interested in Basketball I'm looking for a basketball team for my grandson who is in the nineth grade. Must not have religious images on uniforms..» details...

Maryland family interested in Basketball Club Basketball for 10th grader.» details...

Mississippi family interested in Cheerleading Looking for homeschool cheer squad central Mississippi..» details...

Baseball Standings
(Varsity Boys)
 W  L  T  
Aaron Academy Royals (TN)       0  0  0  
AHSA Commandos (LA)       0  0  0  
Blue Jays (NC)       0  0  0  
BRONCOS (OK)       0  0  0  
BVCHEA Mustangs (TX)       0  0  0  
Cavaliers Baseball (SC)       0  0  0  

all boys Baseball Standings...

Softball Standings
(Varsity Girls)
 W  L  T  
C.H.A.N.T. Chargers (TX)       0  0  0  
C.H.A.N.T. Chargers (TX)       0  0  0  
CVHAA Patriots (VA)       0  0  0  
FHSAA Hawks (VA)       0  0  0  
GGC Barons (GA)       0  0  0  
JCSA Lions (TX)       0  0  0  

all girls Softball Standings...

Soccer Standings
(Varsity Boys)
 W  L  T  
Monee Patriots (IL)       2  2  0  
Fusion (IN)       1  1  1  
Aaron Academy Royals (TN)       0  0  0  
AHSA Commandos (LA)       0  0  0  
C.H.A.S.E. (MI)       0  0  0  
CCS Cougars (SC)       0  0  0  

all boys Soccer Standings...

Soccer Standings
(Varsity Girls)
 W  L  T  
Fusion (IN)       4  0  1  
EastIndy Trailblazers (IN)       1  0  0  
(TX)       0  0  0  
Aaron Academy Royals (TN)       0  0  0  
Bluegrass United (KY)       0  0  0  
C.H.A.S.E. (MI)       0  0  0  

all girls Soccer Standings...

Football Standings
(Varsity Boys)
 W  L  T  
Carolina Crusaders (SC)       3  0  0  
Cavaliers (SC)       3  0  0  
CHEF Patriots (LA)       2  0  0  
Crimson Knights (IN)       2  0  0  
Georgia Force (GA)       2  0  0  
North Georgia Falcons (GA)       2  0  0  

all Football Standings...

Volleyball Standings
(Varsity Girls)
 W  L  T  
Cobra Athletics (TX)       7  2  0  
Silver Lightning (IN)       6  0  0  
GCAA Stallions (NC)       3  0  0  
Lions (KS)       2  0  0  
Northwest Storm (IN)       2  0  0  
CHSM Crimson Knights (TX)       1  0  0  

all Volleyball Standings...

Basketball Standings
(Varsity Boys)
 W  L  T  
Christian Heritage Knights (CA)       1  0  0  

all boys Basketball Standings...

Basketball Standings
(Varsity Girls)
 W  L  T  
none to report

all girls Basketball Standings...

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Playing at the Next Level

Sports Banquets


RCV Patriots

just hanging out at Volleyball Practice (FB Post) also see Volleyball...

NVHAA Centurions

team photo (FB Post) also see Football...

Noblesville Lions MS Football

game with Park Tudor (FB Post) also see Football...

Homeschool Football League

opened its season with a Jamboree last Saturday (FB Post) also see Sports Leagues...

Kalamazoo Cougars

Varsity soccer Runner up in the Loy Norrix tournament last weekend! (FB Post, courtesy Joshua Chopp) also see Soccer...


Cross Country had a great time running this weekend on the new Texas A&M Cross-Country course (FB Post) also see Cross Country...

Lubbock Titans

XC team before the 5K/Fun Run to benefit a Premier Sportsplex employee (FB Post) also see Cross Country...

Columbus Crusaders

a 10-0 victory over Noblesville Lions (FB Post, photo courtesy Kirby Hsu) also see Football...

Tri-State Christian

Crusaders bring home a victory over Grand Rapids (FB Post) also see Football...

Great Falls Bulldogs

Volleyball in a pre-season tournament. (FB Post) also see Volleyball...