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The Calm Before the Camps
HSPN is prepping for the 2016-17 School Year

July 5, 2016

It's that "quiet" time of the year full of cookouts, holidays and family vacations. Soon, summer camps will kick into high gear along with football training camps. Before you know it, the fall sports season ends summer as we know it! :)

Homeschool SportsNet is very busy preparing for an exciting 2016-17 sports years. We "closed the books" on the 2015-16 season by announcing the winner of the 2016 Photo of the Year full story...

Here are some projects that we have been working on :

1) Improved the listing and profile pages of the TEAM LOCATOR system. Click here, then click on your state to see your listing.

2) Created a dedicated web page just for coverage of Summer Camps which will be updated daily.

3) Our National Homeschool Scoreboard has "zeroed out" all of last year's team standings, and is now ready for the 2016-17 season. (We DO keep past season team standings in our database. Plans are to create a new feature allowing the recall of previous seasons)

4) We are excited to be in talks with a world-renowned celebrity to be the Title Sponsor of the 2017 East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships.

5) HSPN is planning a partnership with Vision Sporting Goods to become the exclusive sports apparel provider for homeschool teams. see our web page on Sports Apparel.

6) Our biggest project currently underway is a total redesign of the HSPN website. Below are some mockups of what will be the new home page:


The most popular questions we receive are "How can I start a homeschool sports team?" and "How can I find a team close to me?" We put together this list of helpful tips to guide you along the way:

I. Are you wanting to start a team? click here

II. Are you searching for a team? click here

III. Is your team already listed, but you want to enhance your team profile? click here

* REVISED and IMPROVED * Our MOST POPULAR feature is the Team Locator System which allows you to a select from any state in the USA to see the listing of current homeschool teams AND to view requests from families trying to find or organize a team. Every day, a new posting or request is added to the Team Locator System. Check out what is happening in your state right now!

see more Team Locator Postings...
Homeschool Sports Council

A YEAR Ago...
Essay: Homeschool Sports Eligibility

published July 16, 2015 As one of the pioneers in homeschool sports, HSPN has been on top of the flexibility and changes in homeschooling since 1991 and today is no different. This essay, we believe, is the best model for today's time. As long as there is no ONE NATIONAL governing body for Homeschool Athletics for ALL SPORTS, then the best fit, as always, is to get back to our roots of establishing a Christian environment that we control that is both an outreach and a sports ministry - designed by and for homeschool parents, leaders and students.

read entire essay and post your comment...
Homeschool Conventions Add Sports to Their Events

It's homeschool convention season and HSPN continues its report on conventions that add a sports element to their event.

As always, the North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) (facebook page) included a Basketball and Volleyball All-Star game - East vs West. Still waiting for basketball pics to surface!

In New York, LEAH: Loving Education At Home (facebook page) incorporated a soccer clinic from the Rochester Rhinos hosted by Robert's Wesleyan College, and a martial arts demonstration by LEAH Homeschoolers.

More updates later...
PRAISE! Prayer and...
Positive News

Members of the Gulf Coast Heat baseball team took time to help out the Miracle League in Sarasota, Florida.

At the peak of national competition - on the day of the important semi finals - the East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships always "shuts down" for a few hours to bring everything and everyone into focus. This year we were all challenged, committed and concentrated on knowing HIM by keynote speaker Madison Cawthorn followed by Coach Ray Vasser of the DMI Defenders who spoke to the Class of 2016.

This event is the hallmark of the ECHBC!

More good news...

Need Sports GL Insurance?

Is Your Team on the National Scoreboard?

Your team can post its game schedule, final scores and won-loss records on the ONLY National Homeschool Scoreboard. So E-Z to do!

Team Postings...

post your team or organization information...

Texas - Fort Bend Chargers: We are a six-man football program for homeschool students in the Southwest area of Houston and Fort Bend County. We are part of Homeschool Christian Youth Organization and play under Texas Christian Athletic League.

We are starting our 2nd year, in 2013, and would like to invite all boys, starting grades 7 through 12 in the fall, to come and check us out. No experience necessary. All we ask is for an open heart to see what God can do and the willingness to work hard.

...» details...

New York - Hopewell Junction Dutchess County Homeschoolers:We are a Christ-centered sports program for homeschoolers...» details...

New Interests...

what is yours?...

Illinois - Family interested in We are a military family that will be moving to the Great Lakes, Illinois area for our new duty station in January and we will be homeschooling our 3 children ages 10, 10 & 9. It is very important to us that we keep them active and engaged in sports and would love for that to be with other homeschoolers so they can make friends and establish relationships..» Connect with them

New York - Family interested in More information.» Connect with them

2016-17 Season