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NATIONALS, Volleyball: October 5-6, 2018 (@ Liberty University)
NATIONALS, Basketball: the week of March 11th, 2019 (@ Liberty University)

For 12 years, so many homeschool sports organizations (probably yours!) have participated on a regular basis at HSPN’s East Coast Homeschool Basketball Nationals which now attracts 100 teams from 12 states. We return back to the Liberty University campus with their world class venues during Fall Break.

We thought it was time to branch out and fulfill the many requests over the years for an East Coast Volleyball tournament. So, with your patience, we appreciate your help in getting our inaugural volleyball event off the ground. By design, we are going to keep this small knowing that it will probably double in size for 2019.

With that said, we will be asking teams to volunteer this year in areas that we don’t ask for at the Basketball Nationals. One area will be the scorer’s table, libero tracking, rotation, scoring and clock operation (for timeouts). We may even need help with lines – this it to be determined. Your volunteerism will reduce expenses helping this first time event to stay in the black.

FORMAT: 4 teams in each pool will have a round robin with each team in their pool. After pool play, and various tie-breakers, teams will be re-grouped into Brackets based on their tournament performance, For example, the “4A” Bracket will feature the best 4 teams, “3A” the next best 4 teams, all the way down to “A”. Like the East Coast Basketball Nationals, each bracket will have their own semi-finals, championship and 3rd place match.

 A pool play match will consists of 2 sets to 25 - not the best out of 3.  Semis, Championship, 3rd place match will consists of the best out of 3 sets.

Suggested tie-breakers are: 1) least points allowed, 2)point differential, 3)points scored, etc.

AWARDS: Each bracket will have a Championship team that will receive a banner and trophy. The 2nd place team will receive a trophy. We will not provide a 3rd place trophy for the winner of the consolation match.

COACHES’ Pickup Match: A HSPN tradition at the Basketball Nationals will be a featured event on Friday evening for coaches and parents that want to play.

During the summer’s registration process, the official tournament website will continually be updated including hotel information, tournament news, etc.

IMPORTANT! New rule: a player must declare one team to play on and will NOT be permitted to play on a second or third team. i.e. a 18-U member cannot then play for her 16-U team or 14-U team.
Enjoy this video recapping the 2018 East Coast Basketball Nationals

Seniors, get your high-res copy of the "Class of 2018 Group Photo" CLICK HERE...

For the first time in 12 years, a varsity boys teams wins back-to-back championships. (The FSHAA varsity girls did this in 2015 & 2016)