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  • The 2020 East Coast Homeschool Basketball Nationals will be March 17-21, 2020 in Lynchburg, VA at the NCAA Division 1 campus of Liberty University

    East Coast Basketball Nationals
    Will Return in 2021.





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    We'll be Back in 2021...
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  • National Coverage of Football

    alphabetical (partial) listing for 0-0 records...
    TDW Academy-St. Louis (MO) 13-1-0
    DasCHE Spartans-Dallas, South (TX) 11-1-0
    Christ Prep Football Patriots-Kansas City (KS) 10-1-0
    Lighthouse Christian Chargers-Springfield (MO) 10-1-0
    Eagles-Osceola Grace (IN) 9-2-0
    BEACH Breakers-Virginia Beach (VA) 8-0-0
    ACA Defenders-Acadiana (LA) 7-2-0
    NVHAA Centurions-Manassas (VA) 7-3-0
    NOAH Jaguars-Tulsa (OK) 6-3-0
    CHEF Patriots-Baton Rouge (LA) 5-3-0
    Crimson Knights-Indianapolis - southside (IN) 5-3-0
    HSAA Blue-Dallas (TX) 5-3-0
    Crossroads Illinois CRU-Aurora / Big Rock (IL) 5-4-0
    Landmark Eagles-Cincinnati (OH) 5-5-0
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  • National Coverage of Boys Basketball!

    alphabetical (partial) listing for 0-0 records...
    North Texas United-Dallas Fort Worth (TX) 32-10-0
    Sabres-South Wake (NC) 28-5-0
    WCHSA Royal Eagles-Milwaukee (WI) 26-8-0
    Spirit Warhawks-Richmond (VA) 24-13-0
    ACTS Warriors-Abingdon (VA) 23-5-0
    FHE Hawks-Forsyth County (NC) 23-13-0
    Hawks-Somerset / Pulaski Co (KY) 21-1-0
    Homeschool Hawks-Columbus (IN) 21-17-0
    GCAA Stallions-Cabarrus (NC) 20-12-0
    TDW Academy-St. Louis (MO) 19-0-0
    Rochester Rapids-Rochester (NY) 19-4-0
    New Life Storm-North Wake (NC) 19-9-0
    BEACH Breakers-Virginia Beach (VA) 18-5-0
    PCHA Eagles-Aurora and Chicagoland (IL) 18-5-0
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  • National Coverage of Girls Basketball!

    alphabetical (partial) listing for 0-0 records...
    Lady Eagles-Syracuse (NY) 26-0-0
    Sabres-South Wake (NC) 25-4-0
    New Life Storm-North Wake (NC) 23-6-0
    Runnin Patriots-Surry County (NC) 23-6-0
    Eagles-High Point (NC) 23-8-0
    Loudoun Co. Patriots-Loudoun Co. (VA) 21-1-0
    Thunder-Chatham County (NC) 21-5-0
    HRK Eagles-Gurnee (IL) 16-1-0
    CVHAA Patriots-Richmond (VA) 16-10-0
    Warriors-Frederick (MD) 15-9-0
    Lighthouse Eagles-Raleigh / Wake Forest (NC) 15-12-0
    Spirit Warhawks-Richmond (VA) 15-14-0
    Spirit Warhawks-Richmond (VA) 15-14-0
    FHSAA Hawks-Fairfax (VA) 12-12-0
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  • National Coverage of Volleyball

    alphabetical (partial) listing for 0-0 records...
    Blazers-Goshen (IN) 24-3-0
    Trailblazers-Asheville (NC) 17-0-0
    FVAA Victory-Fredericksburg (VA) 13-3-0
    Acers-Alamance (NC) 11-2-0
    Colonial Crowns-Cary (NC) 10-2-0
    KACHEA Wildcats-Kingsport (TN) 10-4-0
    FHE Hawks-Forsyth County (NC) 10-17-0
    FHSAA Hawks-Fairfax (VA) 9-4-0
    Knights-Southwest - Lake Charles (LA) 8-0-0
    Patriots (LHSAA)-Lynchburg (VA) 8-1-0
    Valley Thunder-__Winchester Berryville Front Royal (VA) 8-1-0
    Ignite Flames-Teays Valley (WV) 8-4-0
    Force-Shreveport (LA) 7-0-0
    LIGHT-Danville (KY) 6-4-0
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  • National Coverage of Archery

    Archery is hot!
  • National Coverage of Softball

    alphabetical (partial) listing for 0-0 records...
    ACA Defenders-Acadiana (LA) 1-0-0
    757 Colts-Chesapeake (VA) 0-0-0
    C.H.A.N.T. Chargers-Dallas/Collin/Plano (TX) 0-0-0
    CVHAA Patriots-Richmond (VA) 0-0-0
    EVAC Eagles-Phoenix (AZ) 0-0-0
    FHSAA Hawks-Fairfax (VA) 0-0-0
    GGC Barons-Atlanta - Greater Gwinnett (GA) 0-0-0
    JCSA Lions-Johnson County (TX) 0-0-0
    Knights-Southwest - Lake Charles (LA) 0-0-0
    Lady Knights Softball-Nashville (TN) 0-0-0
    LHCAA Titans-Lubbock (TX) 0-0-0
    Long Island Eclipse-Lindenhurst, Suffolk County, (NY) 0-0-0
    Lowcountry Wildcats-Charleston (SC) 0-0-0
    NCHEAC-North Carolina (NC) 0-0-0
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  • National Coverage of Track and Field

    Check it out!
  • National Coverage of Soccer

    alphabetical (partial) listing for 0-0 records...
    Monee Patriots-HSRC (IL) 19-2-0
    Lions-Kansas City East (KS) 10-0-0
    Lowcountry Wildcats-Charleston (SC) 2-0-0
    Indy Genesis-Indianapolis (IN) 1-0-0
    AHSA Commandos-Acadiana (LA) 0-0-0
    Apocalyse-Battle Creek (MI) 0-0-0
    BEACH Breakers-Virginia Beach (VA) 0-0-0
    C.H.A.S.E.-Flint (MI) 0-0-0
    CCS Cougars-Central SC (SC) 0-0-0
    Christ Prep Patriots-Kansas City (KS) 0-0-0
    Coastal NC Homeschool Athletic Assoc-Craven (NC) 0-0-0
    Conquerors-Roanoke (VA) 0-0-0
    Conquerors-Roanoke (VA) 0-0-0
    Cornerstone Family Schools-Topeka (KS) 0-0-0
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  • 2019 East Coast Volleyball Nationals crowns first boys volleyball champions

    East Coast Volleyball Nationals
    First to Crown a Boys Varsity Champion
    along with 10 Girls Champions full recap...






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Canceled: 2020 East Coast Homeschool Basketall Nationals

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