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Bayside Athletics - All-Star Cheer
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profile last updated: 8/5/2018
Sports Offered:
Homeschool Cheerleading
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   Jessica Viss
Web:   https://baysideathletics.com

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Wisconsin - Elkhorn Bayside Athletics - All-Star Cheer:All-Star Competitive Cheer Options All-Star Elite Full Year Teams – The highest performance level that All Star cheer has to offer! Bayside will offer teams for levels 1-4 in 2018 where a 2:30 minutes is packed with choreography of stunts and pyramids, standing and running tumbling passes, jumps, and of course dance. All Star Elite teams are for athletes ages 5-18. Your time commitment consists of two – 2 hours team practices a week and 1 additional 1 hour of tumbling a week. All Star teams will compete in 7-9 USASF sanctioned events from Nov- April. Level 1 is all local competitions in IL or WI within a 2 hour radius of our gym. Teams levels 2-4 will also travel to KY and Junior and Senior Level team a possible travel to FL for the Summit! Season runs June thru April, possibly May if older teams win a summit bid.

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