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Carolina Warriors

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Homeschool Archery
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   Tammy Stephens


   (864) 921-7027

Web:   carolinawarriors.org

profile last updated: 11/30/2018

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The Carolina Warriors organization uses sports to teach students integrity, sportsmanship, and team work...
Oh, and we have a LOT of fun!

Carolina Warriors Archery Team is the 2x State Champions in Bullseye and IBO NASP Archery.

The 2018/19 SC State Champions of both Bullseye and IBO. Several of our archers placed in the top five. The seniors collectively won $10,500 worth of scholarship money. But... no scorecard nor award can show the real character, integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, and virtue that each one of these athletes reveals#ECBuzz

Carolina Warriors Archery: Neon, KY Tournament Winners #ECBuzz

Carolina Warriors Archery: "Bring out the Bows" Tournament #ECBuzz

Carolina Warriors Archery teams headed down to Columbia, SC. It was an outdoor tournament and the wind was gusty most of the day but all three teams did an excellent job against some stiff competition taking home first place

3 Star Challenge Champions Carolina Warriors Archery: The Three Star Challenge is an accumulation of scores from the National Tournament, which is held in Louisville, KY, the World Tournament, which is held in Orlando, FL and the World Outdoor tournament, which is held in Sevens Springs, PA. This is a great accomplishment for these guys. We are so proud, of all the hard work and extra dedication it took to get here. #FORTHEKING!

World Tournament Carolina Warriors Archery: SC State Champs in bullseye and IBO. 5th and 13th in the nation and now 5th And 7th in the world.

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