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Indianapolis - Southside
Crimson Knights Cheer

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Homeschool Cheerleading
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   Michele Hendrickson


profile last updated: 9/19/2018

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Indiana - Indianapolis - Southside Crimson Knights Cheer:
Crimson Knights Cheerleaders Senior Class of 2019

Crimson Knights Cheerleaders at the last regular season game of 2018 and at a photo shoot with Sign Gypsies!

A huge shoutout to the Players and Cheerleaders in today’s game against Landmark! The players played fearlessly, and the cheer team delighted us with the half time show. A big Thank You to the coaches, volunteers, and parents who made our Home Game a Success! High Five to Michele Hendrickson for the vision and design of the new player uniforms and dance team outfit

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders It was a hot sunny day at the Martin County game. This small but mighty cheer team did a great job cheering on the Knights.

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders: Crazy Socks and Cheer Bows is a September “Top Pick” pic!

Cheerleaders from Brown County with the Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders First game of the season at Shortridge High School

2017 Cheer Camp - Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders

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