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profile last updated: 7/13/2017
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Homeschool BasketballHomeschool SoccerHomeschool Flag Football
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   Jeff Gorman
Web:   www.lukesports.com

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Georgia - Atlanta, Dekalb County, College Park, East Point, Stone Mountain LukeSports:Our Mission Leading sports leagues that serve as incentive-based tools to enhance scholar’s academic performance through teamwork, building character and developing athletic skills. LukeSports currently caters to Charter Schools in the Atlanta metro area with the following program offering. If there is enough interest from home schooled athletes to participate in a sport, a home school team would be formed to complete. Current Program Offering: Flag Football – Co-ed optional Cheerleading - Co-ed Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Basketball Cheerleading - Co-ed Basketball Dance Team - Co-ed Soccer 5th and 6th grade – Co-ed mandatory Soccer 7th and 8th grade – Co-ed mandatory Eligibility Any K - 8 student within the following guidelines. K - 8 grade students, under the age of 15, are eligible to participate in flag football, basketball, cheerleading, dance, and soccer. A player may only play for one team in the league - one time per season. If a student changes schools and that student has participated on another school's team during the same season, that also participates in LukeSports, this player is ineligible for the current season. If an outside team is in the league that is not affiliated with a single school, the players on the outside team are not allowed to play for their school's football, basketball or soccer team. Violation of any league eligibility requirements will result in a forfeit or forfeits for any games related with this infraction. 5th grade students may participate in cheerleading / dance teams as permitted by the school leader. Players, Cheerleaders and Dance Team members must participate in at least two regular season games with their school to be eligible for the playoffs, championship, cheerleading competition and or dance competition. LukeSports may allow recreational teams and or AAU teams, etc. to participate to fill gaps in the schedule if a school is not able to field a team. Additional restrictions and eligibility requirements may apply to AAU or recreational teams that do not apply to school teams. Athletic Directors are allowed to challenge the age and or eligibility of one player, from one team - one time per season. Example: A school would select one player from one team and the league would inquire and or review a birth certificate and issue a ruling as to a player's eligibility. In the event a player is found to be ineligible all of the regular season games the player played in would be forfeited. All challenges must be sent via email to info@thelukeproject.org. All challenges must be received via email during the regular season and or on Monday at 9:00 a.m. on the last Monday before the last game of the regular season. Sportsmanship Statement LukeSports and its member schools have made a commitment to promote good sportsmanship by staff, school officials, coaches, student athletes and spectators at all LukeSports sanctioned events. Profanity, degrading remarks, bullying and or intimidating actions directed at staff, school officials, coaches, student athletes or spectators will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the event site. Spectators are not allowed to enter the competition area during warm-ups, at half-time, while the contest is being conducted or after the game. Please stay off of the court and or field of play. Thank you for your cooperation in the promotion of good sportsmanship at today’s event. Teams Most teams will consist of student athletes that are in K - 8th grade. The majority of the teams will be formed with students that attend charter schools; however, as needed, LukeSports may slot an AAU, recreation, private school team, home School team, etc. as required, to complete the schedule. Sports Family LukeSports is a sports family. As a family, it is critical we treat each other with respect, engage in healthy dissent, share resources, wisdom and extend grace to each other enabling all of us to go further faster.

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