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profile last updated: 11/3/2019
Sports Offered:
Homeschool Football
Contact and Profile Information:

   Ross Maxwell
Web:   www.elkharteaglesfootball.com/

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(formerly Elkhart Eagles) :We are club football program that operates out of Elkhart, Osceola, and South Bend facilities. The program is open to any students in grades 7-12. This includes home schooled students, as well as any student attending public, private, charter, or alternative schools
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Osceola Eagles GLCAC Conference Championship winners .. And a verrry cold coach! 29-28 final score, with an OGE 4th quarter comeback. They have big appreciation for our opponent, Middletown - their team's sportsmanship & the integrity of their coaching staff!!

Osceola Eagles: 2017 Indiana Champions - Great Lakes Christian Athletic Conference

Oscoela Grace Eagles win! 62-12 victory over Indianapolis Howe

Osceola Grace Eagles (click here for their team profile) on the road to take on the Columbus Crusaders


First scrimmage of year went well. Still a long way to go but what a great group of guys! (from FB Post)

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2014 Elkhart Eagles Junior High (bottom) and Varsity (top) football teams

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