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profile last updated: 8/11/2017
Sports Offered:
Homeschool BasketballHomeschool Volleyball
Contact and Profile Information:

   Latisha Thompson
   (989) 326­7395
Web:   www.teampages.com/teams/770881-Owosso-Falcons-basketball-team-website

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Owosso Home School Sports OHSS began with boys basketball in 1996 through the efforts of several homeschool families as a way to meet a need in the homeschool community. The first team was an interesting combination–one boys basketball team consisting of 6th-11th grade players.

Girls Volleyball came along two years later. OHSS hosted the first area Volleyball playoff tournament. This tournament developed into the Michigan Homeschool Volleyball Tournament, now hosted by another homeschool group in Lansing.

Although we have competitive teams, OHSS coaches emphasize Christ-like character over winning no matter what the outcome. OHSS has been abundantly blessed with dedicated leaders over the years.

A tribute from the Owosso FALCON basketball teams to THE BEST COACH EVER!!!! 12 years of service to first and foremost Christ our Lord and Savior and to these boys!!

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