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Patriots Baseball
profile last updated: 4/17/2018
Sports Offered:
Homeschool Baseball
Contact and Profile Information:

   Mark Valle
Web:   www.stlpatriotsbaseball.com/

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Missouri: St. Louis Patriots Their annual team photo at Busch Stadium

St. Louis Patriots Alumni Game

St. Louis Patriots Baseball Sports Banquet

   also appears on "Photos of the Week" #POTW

St. Louis Patriots team photo at Busch Stadium

FEATURED STORY: Player of the Week
Noah Kelsay • St. Louis Patriots baseball

(posted May 7) At the Homeschool World Series in Auburndale, Florida last week, Kelsay, a senior pitcher/third basemen, pitched two complete games, beating the Houston Eagles 2-1 and the Charlotte Stampede 2-1 in the Division II championship ... full story at stltoday.com...

at Homeschool World Series 2015 Lake Myrtle Sports Complex in Florida.

Missouri - St Louis Patriots Baseball:

Opening ceremony of the 2015 Homeschool World Series in Florida

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