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Christian Flight
profile last updated: 11/9/2016
Sports Offered:
Homeschool BasketballHomeschool VolleyballHomeschool Cross CountryHomeschool Golf
Contact and Profile Information:

   Tony Sheppard
Web:   nacflight.com

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North Atlanta Christian begin life as a basketball program in 1994. Since then we have sought to provide a competitive opportunity for home educated students.

We launched our first volleyball team in the summer of 2008. Individual teams in Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity are presently competing in the ACCE.

North Atlanta’s Cross Country program started in 1998. We offer a junior, Junior Varsity and Varsity team for both boys and girls.

North Atlanta’s Cheer program began in 2010. We currently offer Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.

Senior Zach Syler finishes 3rd in his last cross country race (photo by Tricia Syler)

North Atlanta Christian Flight

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