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Crimson Knights
profile last updated: 1/19/2019
Sports Offered:
Homeschool Football
Contact and Profile Information:

   Jerry Rasberry
Web:   www.ckfootball.com

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Crimson Knights football is a Christian organization providing the opportunity to play competitive contact football to homeschoolers and boys attending schools that do not have football teams. We field a high school team for boys in the 9th-12th grades, and a middle school team for 6th-8th graders.

We are also adding a cheer squad for high school girls this fall. Our practices are on the south side of Indianapolis with quick access to I-465 and other major highways. Home games are in Beech Grove.

Sports Banquet for Indianapolis Crimson Knights Football and Cheerleaders

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Congratulations to Head Coach Jerry Rasberry and the CK coaching staff for an outstanding game against Shortridge High School last night.

Indianapolis Crimson Knights 2017 Sun Bowl Champions at the NHFA Tournament in Panama City Beach, Florida

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheer Beach practice at National Homeschool Football Championships in Florida.

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Finish regular season at 10-0 The 10-0 Crimson Knights honor the battle against Breast Cancer with their Camo jerseys courtesy of the Indiana National Guard. The Crimson Knights finish the regular season 10-0 after a 33-14 victory against the SWCHA Saints. INSET: This is what it is all about! Head Coach Mike Wilson leads the Crimson Knights and SWCHA players in prayer after the game.

Indianapolis Crimson Knights (click here for their team profile) young cheerleaders

Indianapolis Crimson Knights’ (click here for their team profile) 4 captains meet at mid field prior to their 14-10 victory over Brown County High School

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders (click here for their team profile) Nominated for Photo of the Year

Crimson Knights Cheer (click here for their team profile) posts their latest pic


Indianapolis Crimson Knights’ (click here for their team profile) Matt McKay heading for the end zone in a 44-25 win over Scottsburg High School. Marwitz

Crimson Knights Cheer

Successful first day of assessments


Crimson Knights Cheer

Successful first day of assessments

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheer

2015 Sports Banquet
also see Cheer...

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleading

What a great season!
also see Cheerleading...

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheering at Edinburgh

Indianapolis Crimson Knights

cheered on to a 50-0 win over Washington (FB Post) also see Football...

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