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profile last updated: 1/29/2010
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Homeschool Baseball
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Web:   www.sahomeschoolbaseball.org

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We are the San Antonio Homeschool WOLVERINES Varsity Baseball Team (est.2009) We play 3-4-5-A's school & Private School around the San Antonio area.We are in 3 different tournaments this year as always. Champions in 2 tournaments & 2nd place in the other.

Last year's record was 21-7 for the season. We are a very competitive team and can play against anyone that will play us. We are always looking for new ball players to join our team if interested call me anytime Alex Garza A.D. 210-643-9837 cell or E-Mail at garzacrew4@yahoo.com. Also on Facebook San Antonio Homeschool Wolverines baseball. Go Wolvernies !!!!!

San Antonio Wolverines Champions of the Nixon-Smiley Tournament.

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