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profile last updated: 7/15/2015
Sports Offered:
Homeschool BasketballHomeschool SoccerHomeschool BaseballHomeschool Volleyball
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   Beverly Hartman
Web:   www.gulfcoastheat.org/

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Gulf Coast HEAT some members of the baseball team helped out with the Miracle League in Sarasota.

Gulf Coast HEAT 2015-16 Basketball Team Photos (courtesy Jenny Warring)

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Gulf Coast HEAT (FL) finish 2nd at the Big House Tournament.

Manatee HEAT play Sarasota Christian School in the District Finals!!

Way to go HEAT - Won second place in the Gene Gorman Tournament this weekend (and beat Charlotte High And a special congratulations to Macenzie Krause for getting player of the tournament for our team!

Manatee HEAT, (Home Educated Activities Teams) was organized in 1999, and is completely funded by athletic fees and fundraisers. Its purpose is to give home schooled student athletes the opportunity to compete in high school sports sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association without leaving their favorite classroom (Helping Each Athlete Triumph).

HEAT founder, Beverly Hartman, took the initiative to get HEAT running when her then 15 year old son, Joel, tried out unsuccessfully for a local high school team. He had played baseball ever since he started home schooling at the age of five, and his goal was to play professional baseball. The Manatee HEAT was formed shortly thereafter, and has offered middle school, junior varsity, and/or varsity competitive sports programs in volleyball, girls and boys basketball, soccer, and baseball since 1999.

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