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Disciples Football
profile last updated: 6/30/2021
Sports Offered:
Homeschool FootballHomeschool Cheerleading
Contact and Profile Information:

   Richard Rudisill, AD
   (804) 400-7664
Web:   www.disciplesfootball.org/

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Jeromie Houston, Head Coach

Central Virginia Disciples "Reflecting on the past year and few months and so thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with! Just being able to have a season was a huge win for our organization. So grateful for the Disciples family that came together for this season and continues to grow and get stronger. And thankful to end the season with a win!"

Central Virginia Disciples Reflecting on the past year and few months and so thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with! Just being able to have a season was a huge win for our organization. So grateful for the Disciples family that came together for this season and continues to grow and get stronger. And thankful to end the season with a win!

Central Virginia Disciples Football Putting in some work back in June

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Congratulations Central Virginia Disciples 2016 National Homeschool Football Champions

Central Virginia Disciples Football (click here for their team profile) pull off a beautiful onsides kick against Liberty Christian Academy


NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Congratulations Disciples Football, 2015 NHFA Champions

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Disciples vs. Hickory Hawks

September 12th presented the Disciples Nation with the opportunity to see their varsity and junior varsity teams play the Hickory Hawks from Hickory, NC. The teams met at the Catham High School, in Catham, Virginia, under skies that threatened rain. True to their word, the heavens opened up mid way through the varsity game, reminding all attendees that being a football fan is not for the fair weather warrior.


It was deja vu, all over again. The Disciples varsity team last played the Hickory Hawks in the 2014 Sun Bowl. Then, the Hawks fielded a strong team with one of the quickest running backs around. Again, this season, the Hawks had a fast ball carrier determined to find the goal. Further, they offered an aerial assault that tested the Disciples pass defense. But, as in Florida last year, the Disciples clipped the Hawks' wings. In the first quarter, the Disciples scored two touchdowns. They never relinquished that lead. The offense found virtually every way imaginable to move the ball toward the goal, including an 80-yard run by their one back out of a play formation that ordinarily yields five to ten yards. Tamond (T-Money) Providence rolled out of the Disciples' "wedge" to the Disciples' side of the field, saw open ground and, as though headed for a second slice of pie at a team picnic, rambled downfield with the screams of 60 team mates and even more parents ringing in his ears. Were the Hawks' defensive players faster? Yes! Did any of them catch up to him? Yes! Did they bring him down? Six points, Disciples!

Not known for their proclivity to pass, the Disciples stunned the Hawks on another drive when four back Thomas (T-Mech) Mechling flung the ball downfield where Derrick (D-Rock) Avery, plucking it from the sky, was immediately tackled by the defenders. That bit of aerial artistry set up a touchdown run by Mechling where he broke the plane just inside the corner post. Final score: Disciples 38; Hickory Hawks 20.

The Disciples varsity team is 2-0 for the season.

Junior Varsity

Often, fans will pack up and head for home when the junior varsity teams take the field. Those who did last Saturday must surely regret that decision. The Disciples JV team put on quite a show. On its first possession, the second play, the Disciples broke free, carrying the ball to the goal line for their first touchdown. The Disciples' defensive team stood firm, and the Hawks relinquished the ball. Second possession, second play: Six points, Disciples. Again, the Hawks gave up the ball without a score. Then the Disciples ran into trouble. How? They didn't score their third touchdown until the THIRD play of their third possession. That was three unanswered touchdowns in the first quarter. Then there was the Disciples JV defense. If the old quote, "Offense wins games, defense wins championships," is even partially true, the Disciples Nation has many exciting years ahead. The JV linemen didn't just open holes in the Hawks' offensive line the size of Texas; they waltzed through themselves, bringing down the ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage with regularity. The end result was that the Hawks were unable to put any points on the board.

Final score: Disciples: 48; Hawks: 0.

The Disciples JV team is 2-0 for the season.

Disciples Football Varsity and JV are Victorious

Disciples vs. Pamlico Hurricanes

No victory is so sweet as that hard won. Such was the win of the Disciples over the Pamlico Hurricanes in Bayboro, North Carolina, on Friday, August 28th. In truth, the Canes showed their metal in the contest. Their defense, at times, presented an almost impenetrable curtain designed to deny any forward movement. Their offense opened holes through which their running backs ate up yardage like a teen age boy consumes food. Their quarterback delivered the ball to receivers who seemed to have fly paper for hands.

But, the Disciples would not be denied. Because of their 2014 season, the Disciples were known for their "gritty" play style. A team defines itself; and the Disciples define "gritty" as "tough, determined, resolute, purposeful, dogged and tenacious," In this game, the Disciples proved that they own that reputation. The defense made adjustments on the fly to harry the Canes' receivers, flush their quarterback from the pocket again and again and down running backs behind the line of scrimmage. The defense’s efforts were rewarded with fumbles and broken plays. The Disciples’ offense delivered an early lead. They presented a wall of white (their jersey color for away games) behind which Disciples running backs, shaking off one, two, three even four opponents, pressed the ball toward the goal line time after time.

During the final five minutes of play, the Disciples team that fans enjoyed in 2014 rose to the challenge. With precision, the offensive front line opened holes and the running backs exploited each opportunity. After a long, bruising drive, the Disciple burst over the Canes'goal line to break the tie. Then followed up with a successful two-point conversion. Other teams, with less than a minute left, would have relaxed, allowing the defense to simply contain the other team. Not the Disciples. On the kick off, their special teams, not to be out done by the offense and defense, surged down field, recovering the ball and slamming the door shut on the Canes' hope for a last minute miracle.

The final score: Disciples 28, Pamlico Hurricanes 20.

The Disciples have brought gritty back to the gridiron.

Central Virginia Disciples Varsity and JV team had an excellent showing on Friday during each of their scrimmages (from FB Post)

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On Friday, August 14th, Disciples Football kicks off its 2015 season with a scrimmage against the Thomas Jefferson High School Vikings. The game will be at the Vikings’ home field at 4100 Grace Street, Richmond, VA 23230. We invite you to join us as we begin our tenth year of preparing young men for life through their participation on the gridiron.

The Disciples football team (member of the Central Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association (CVHAA)) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 to provide home-educated and public school students from a wide variety of social, economic and religious back grounds, many from Richmond’s inner city, an opportunity to play high school football. Our volunteer coaching staff has led the team to multiple Mid-Atlantic Christian Conference (MACC) Divisional Championships, the 2012 National Championship and the 2014 Sun Bowl Championship.

However, our coaches not only provide a competitive high school football team. They mentor our young men, helping them develop their character, integrity and Christ-likeness; thus preparing them for life outside of football.

Disciples Football won the MACC Championship game 42 to 7 on Saturday, November 8th. They are ranked the number one homeschool team in the nation, according to MAXPREPS and are headed to the NHFA Tournament in Florida next week to play in the tournament for the National Championship.

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