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H.I.S. Sports
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profile last updated: 9/8/2007
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   Mike Holbein

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H.I.S. Sports alive and well in New York. H.I.S. is an acronym for Home Instructed Students. H.I.S. Sports is an attempt to organize home educated students (and their parents) all across New York State in order to meet the overwhelming need for organized sports.
Though there are several organized sports already established (H.I.S. Baseball of Macedon, H.I.S. Soccer of Macedon) the greatest success story, surprisingly, is in archery. There are numerous groups organized already and more to be added. Right now the following archery clubs exist: H.I.S. Archers of Shortsville, H.I.S. Archers of Rochester, H.I.S. Archers of Williamson, H.I.S. Archers of Ne and more. The majority of these archery clubs are also official JOAD clubs. JOAD stands for junior olympic archery development. It is an organization of the National Archery Association. The NAA is the national governing body which sends archers to the olympics every four years.

If you have a desire to organize such a sports ministry feel free to contact Mike Holbein.

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