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profile last updated: 10/26/2019
Sports Offered:
Homeschool BasketballHomeschool SoccerHomeschool Volleyball
Contact and Profile Information:

   Michael Nylund
Web:   www.gvcougars.com/

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(by National Desk)

Gallatin Valley Cougars Basketball participated in the Bozeman Fall Ball Classic last weekend.

(by National Desk)
Gallatin Valley Cougars 2019 Boys soccer team photo.

MONTANA: Gallatin Valley Cougars with first game victory at the Cougar Tournament

Gallatin Valley Cougars Win for Jr high Cougars in Ophir

MONTANA: Gallatin Valley Golf

MONTANA: Gallatin Valley Cougars at Great Falls Bulldogs

MONTANA: Gallatin Valley Cougars Thank you God, Coaches, Athletes and Parents for the amazing opportunities and blessings allowed to us all in this association

KC East Lions (click here for their team profile) varsity volleyball photo shoot is a "Photo of the Year" nominee.


Gallatin Valley Homeschool Cougars

Basketball preparations and 'Suicides'.

Gallatin Valley Cougars (MT) girls varsity team in action

Congratulations to Angel Torres and Michael Hoover - Montana Christian Athletic Association ALL STARS!

Senior Night.

JV and Varsity team photos.

5-8th grade volleyball team.

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