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Valley Thunder
profile last updated: 8/5/2020
Sports Offered:
Homeschool BasketballHomeschool SoccerHomeschool VolleyballHomeschool PE or LeaguesHomeschool Archery
Contact and Profile Information:

   Dawn Kennedy
Web:   valleythunder.org

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The only homeschool travel teams in the Winchester and Valley area that play a real competitive schedule against homeschool and private school teams PLUS East Coast Nationals in Lynchburg. Valley Thunder Homeschool Sports was formed in 2018 (among the leadership is Front Royal Flames Founder Chris Davis) to serve the homeschool community in Warren, Frederick, Shenandoah, Page and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of sports for girls and boys.

Our teams play competitively including the East Coast Homeschool Nationalsevery year.

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Valley Thunder Homeschool Sports (VA)

The strategy paid off as Valley Thunder set their focus on the Winchester and WV areas and did it work out well! A brand new group of 12 (or more) MS Boys are enjoying the summer pickup series. There could be a girls JV team this year with 4 returning players and several younger, newer girls expressing interest.

The Thunder is lining up some indoor venues and soon as they become available, the group plans to move indoors as early as September. In the meantime, they will continue their workouts outdoors. Finally, a shout-out to the Winchester community that proved that all kinds of people can gather and enjoy some outdoor activities in peace. (photos: Dawn Kennedy and HSPN)

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