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(by @East Coast Buzz)

Velos Storm Archery Congratulations to all the archers who competed yesterday and to our subs for representing and cheering on their teammates.
HIGH SCHOOL - 1st place - Bullseye 1st place - IBO 3D

MIDDLE SCHOOL - 2nd Place - Bullseye 2nd Place - IBO 3D

ELEMENTARY - 3rd Place - Bullseye 1st Place - IBO 3D

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Velos Storm Archery debuts their mascot, Stormi

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Velos Storm Archery congratulations to all archers who competed yesterday at the Upstate Classic Winter Tournament and to those that achieved their personal best!

1st Andrew Guest - Velos
2nd Noah Smith - Velos
3rd Harrison Underwood - Velos

1st McKenna Kluge - Velos
2nd Abby Grace Wardlaw - Velos
3rd Laura Caroline Atkinson - Velos

1st Samuel Wardlaw - Velos

1st Luia Cervantes - Velos
2nd Rebecca Huddle - Velos

1st Levi Miller - Velos
2nd Caleb Smith - Velos
3rd Andrew Huddle - Velos

1st Janessa Brokaw - Velos
2nd Eliza Townsend - Velos

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   MEMBER    Valley Thunder archery continues to grow in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

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Velos Storm Archery season has begun...

(by Marion Weaver)
Hurricanes Archery Founded by Patrick and Colleen Pusateri, it would be an understatement to say the Hurricanes Archery Program is simply a good one, for over the past few years it has consistently demonstrated how formidable its archery team really is in tournament after tournament. This year has been no exception to the excellent track record this team holds. read full story...

(by STAFF Reporter) #ECBuzz! Valley Thunder Homeschool Sports in Virginia continues its growth and offers Saturday archery with Coach Pete Kennedy during the summer in anticipation of their archery team that will get started in the fall. #ValleyThunderHomeschoolSports

The 2018/19 SC State Champions of both Bullseye and IBO. Several of our archers placed in the top five. The seniors collectively won $10,500 worth of scholarship money. But... no scorecard nor award can show the real character, integrity, sportsmanship, leadership, and virtue that each one of these athletes reveals#ECBuzz

Hurricanes High School Archery, 2nd Place SC State Championship #ECBuzz

Carolina Warriors Archery: Neon, KY Tournament Winners #ECBuzz

Carolina Warriors Archery: "Bring out the Bows" Tournament #ECBuzz

SOUTH CAROLINA: Hurricanes Archery State Championship Rings are Here! #ECBuzz

SOUTH CAROLINA: Hurricanes at WORLDS Greenville Hurricanes with two divisions taking 3rd in Centershot. #ECBuzz

First Place: Carolina Warriors MS and High School teams bring home first place honors in the Bullseye and IBO Regional Tournament in Columbia, SC.

Greenville Hurricanes Archery High School team for placing 1st at SC Regionals! As of this weekend they are 1st in the State in both bullseye and 3D!!

Cane’s Archer, Hannah Suber, at the Next Level at the 2018 United States Intercollegiate Indoor Archyer Championships.

Greenville Hurricanes Archery Varsity | Middle School | Elementary Begins 5th season of competitive archery

Canes Archery: A momentous night of archery with their largest shoot-off ever! ...

Carolina Warriors Archery teams headed down to Columbia, SC. It was an outdoor tournament and the wind was gusty most of the day but all three teams did an excellent job against some stiff competition taking home first place
New Video! Carolina Warriors Archery

3 Star Challenge Champions Carolina Warriors Archery: The Three Star Challenge is an accumulation of scores from the National Tournament, which is held in Louisville, KY, the World Tournament, which is held in Orlando, FL and the World Outdoor tournament, which is held in Sevens Springs, PA. This is a great accomplishment for these guys. We are so proud, of all the hard work and extra dedication it took to get here. #FORTHEKING!

World Tournament Carolina Warriors Archery: SC State Champs in bullseye and IBO. 5th and 13th in the nation and now 5th And 7th in the world.

World Tournament Greenville Hurricanes Archery – High School team currently ranked 3rd in the World -at the 2017 World Tournament.

   also appears on "Photos of the Week" #POTW

Greenville Hurricanes Archery (SC) 2017 NASP NATIONALS HURRICANES High School and Middle School teams

   also appears on "Photos of the Week" #POTW

Greenville Hurricanes Archery (SC) Place 2nd at States, Wins Sportsmanship Award, Heading to Nationals

Greenville Hurricanes Archery Took the Region by storm!

Low Country Wildcats Archery Tournament

Greenville Hurricanes Archery SC Archery in the Schools Program NASP

Hattiesburg Forerunners Great first practice for the Forerunners Archery team.

Low Country Wildcats Archery Season has begun!

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