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Seniors Night & Homecoming

SWLA Knights Congratulations to our Knights Soccer seniors, Alyssa Rader and Tyler Lowry
SWLA Knights Congratulations to our Knights Soccer seniors, Alyssa Rader and Tyler Lowry
SWLA Knights Soccer Seniors
Coastal Hurricanes Senior Night
ACA Defenders, class of 2021
Georgia Force Senior Day (John Fleitz)
Seniors at NHSVBT
Victors XC Seniors.
Austin Royals
Crimson Knights cheerleaders at Homecoming 2020
FVHS CLASS OF 2021 seniors at final home game
Wichita Defenders special recognition to lone Senior Logan Stark.
Indy Genesis honors 2021 Volleyball Seniors.
Texas Wind 2021 Volleyball Seniors.
Beach Breakers Volleyball Seniors.
Celebrating RCV Patriots Seniors.
Gallatin Valley seniors recognized.
Reno County Sabres Seniors Celebrated.
Senior Night following a victory over Charleston Collegiate.
EHA Guardians Senior Night.
FVHAA Victory Senior Night.
Ohio Eagles Basketball teams Class of 2021: Kaitlyn Staley | Caleb Ream | Charlotte Nitzsche | Regan Russell | Dylan Frank | Jacob Kunkleman | Andrew Turner | Morgan Colby | Nick Jebsen | Jonah Heitmeyer | (Photo credit: Barbi Jo Regan Russell)

Coastal Hurricanes (GA) Senior Night vs Augusta Eagles (Photo credit: Coastal)

Lighthouse Christian Chargers 2020 Homecoming Court (photo credit: Chargers Live Feed frame)

ACA Defenders Seniors, Class of 2021 (Photo credit: ACA Defenders)

Georgia Force "Victory was never sweeter especially for a Halloween game. The varsity team won over the Anderson Cavaliers 42-6 at our Senior Day game." (Photo credit: John Fleitz)

Class of 2021 Recognized at the National Homeschool Volleyball Tournament - NHSVBT (Photo credit: NHSVBT )

Jackson Victors "Victors senior Cross Country team members finished out an awesome season at the State Homeschool Championship meet at MC's Choctaw Trails. Our girls finished in 3rd place! Everyone shown established their personal record this year. Some did it more than once! And the biggest season accomplishment of them all was Gracie Olinde (far right) breaking the all time Victors 5k record with a time of 22 minutes and 50.10 seconds! "(Photo credit: Victors )

Austin Royals Volleyball senior from the Austin Royals Volleyball program! Many thanks to all who helped make Senior Night a success.The Varsity leaves to Nationals in Iowa. Photo credit: Austin Royals

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Because of Covid restrictions, we were outdoors in a shelter house on a cold rainy night with tornado warnings, and the DJ equipment kept tripping the gfi, so the dance didn’t go as planned. Photo credit: Crimson Knights Cheer

DASH United Senior Night, courtesy Cynthia Smith Corll.

FVHSAA Crusaders FVHS CLASS OF 2021 seniors at final home volleyball game of the 2020 season. Photo credit: Crusaders Facebook

Wichita Defenders A beautiful evening for a final game and special recognition to lone Senior Logan Stark! Good job, team and coaches on this inaugural high school boys soccer season, with 11 Freshmen/Sophomores, the future is promising! (courtesy: Defenders Facebook)

Indy Genesis Senior Night. Honoring Hannah Ludlow #17 and J Burks #16. (courtesy: Indy Genesis)

Texas Wind 2021 Volleyball Seniors recognized after a great win. (courtesy: Wind Facebook)

Landmark Eagles Football Honoring Seniors before victorious game with Columbus Crusaders (courtesy: Landmark Live Stream)

Beach Breakers Celebrating Seniors Night in Chesapeake, Virginia (Photo: Beach Breakers)

RCV Patriots Celebrating Seniors tonight. Home game @HSB vs Kalamazoo Cougars. (Photo credit: Sara Joy Klaasen)

Gallatin Valley Cougars Congratulations volleyball seniors Liberty Baldwin and Alexa Lewis and soccer seniors Taylor Cahill and Caleb De lao. (Photo credit: Cougars Facebook page)

Reno County Sabres A great night to celebrating their seniors. Congrats to (L-R) Sabrina Anzo, Victoria Schrock, and Maggie Hayes. (Photo credit: Sabres Facebook page)

Lowcountry Wildcats (SC) Senior Night following a victory over Charleston Collegiate (Photo credit: Wildcats Facebook page)

Tomball Christian Warriors Celebrating Senior Night! (Photo credit: TCW Facebook page)

#ECBuzz! Fredericksburg Victory (VA) Despite challenging times in Virginia with barely any fall sports, the FVAA Victory found a way to still honor their seniors along with coach Todd Headington with a modified fall season. They hope to resume their season in the Spring of 2021. Such are the times in Virginia. Photo credit: Brenda Bailey Hicks

#ECBuzz! EHA Guardians (SC) Guardians' Senior night was awesome! Won in 3 sets but the last one went to 29-27. They did senior night a little early this year just in case 2020 brings on more unwelcomed surprises. Photo credit: Coach Hope Dickinson

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