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Li'l Cheer Greenville Hurricanes had a great time with 16 elementary and another 16 MS/HS students at this year's cheer camps. Both camps finished up with a showcase for parents

Lighthouse Sports Cheer Squad is flipping out... a January "Top Pick" pic! (courtesy Jeff Keller, Final Shot Photograpy)

Acadiana Christian Cheerleaders ACA vs Berchmans

Greenville Hurricanes Cheerleaders (vs PAC)

NVHAA Centurions Cheerleaders (vs Flames)

Lighthouse Christian Eagles (NC) Cheerleaders (courtesy Final Shot Photography)

Greenville Hurricanes Cheerleading with Coach Shayna's cheer baby!

"Let's Get Fired Up!" ~ Indy Crimson Knights

NVHAA Centurions Cheerleaders: Centurions vs Hampton Road Generals

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders: Crazy Socks and Cheer Bows is a September “Top Pick” pic!

Cheerleaders from Brown County with the Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders

Acadiana Christian Athletics 2017 Cheer Squad

Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders First game of the season at Shortridge High School

Greenville Hurricanes Cheerleaders Wrapping up cheer camp...

2017 Cheer Camp - Indianapolis Crimson Knights Cheerleaders

Acadiana Christian Athletics Girls brought home a "Superior" in Cheer/Sideline, "Finalist" in Cheer, Nevaeh was nominated for All American, but the most exciting award they were given was the "Spirit Award"... This is the HIGHEST HONOR that a squad can receive. It represents their Christian Witness

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