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In the News... Great video on the Carmel Tigers tennis program AND the greater Indianapolis sports programs getting mentioned. Eventually the media comes around, but we've all known about this!


Victors Tennis Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Victors Tennis team!

Farewell to Victors Seniors Congratulations, Victors, on an outstanding season with a final victory over Manchester Academy, 5 courts to 4! It is bittersweet to end the season knowing that we are saying farewell to our 3 outstanding seniors, Jake Hersey, Lizzie Mooney, and Jacob Wiggins.

made (Photos of the Week 04/22/17) #POTW


Victors Homeschool Tennis

-2015-16 Team Photo

Southeastern Cardinals (NC)

Tigers Tennis

- (from FB Post)

Aaron Academy Royals - (from FB post) tennis team earned the conference title at the MTAC Tournament this past weekend. Congratulations to our coaches and players!

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