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===== 2020-21 =====
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Surry Runnin' Patriots Congratulations to Kayleigh Cooper the newest Runnin Patriot to score 1000 career points! #ECBuzz!

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   MEMBER    Loudoun County Patriots' Abriel Thrash joins the 1,000 point club. #ECBuzz!

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Lighthouse Eagles (NC) Trace Wollett's 1500th point is captured in real time thanks to @Final Shot Photography #ECBuzz

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CVHAA's Hannah Coley scores her 1000th point vs. St. Margaret's #ECBuzz

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West Michigan Hornets Milestone! Congrats Mason Berens! Over 1,000 points!!

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Lowcountry Wildcats Congratulates Kobey Morris #00 for joining the 1000 Point Club on 1-11-2020! #ECBuzz!

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Milestone! CVHAA girls hang on to beat Steward 42-36 to bring home the Steward Invitational championship. All tournament selections: MVP Kristin Mentzer (16 pts), Kaylie Goad (14 pts), and Clay Poston (8 pts). Goad crossed the 1500 point mark as well. #ECBuzz

(by National Desk) CVHAA Patriots (VA) : Congratulations to senior Emma Gilcrist for scoring her 1000th point Wednesday vs. Blessed Sacrament Huguenot! #TheyPlayHere #ECBuzz!

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   MEMBER    NOAH Jags Senior Mallory Beasler #14 of the NOAH Jaguars was recognized tonight for scoring her 1,000 career point!

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Ethan Cooper , Benton Bucks, great night in Syracuse as they celebrated Ethan Cooper joining the 1,000 point club. Ethan broke 1,000 points for his Varsity career in the Bucks championship win over Columbus in the Tip Off Classic in Lafayette October 26th

East Coast Elites honored at East Coast 2019 #ECBuzz East Coast Elite career milestones: 1000 rebounds #10 Lindsey Hicks FVAA Victory | 1000 pts scored: #4 West Morgan Beach Breakers | 1000 pts scored: #24 Gary Garlic Beach Breakers | 1000 pts scored: #31 Shea Dickinson Easley Guardians | 1000 pts scored #4 Kaylie Goad CVHAA Patriots | 1000 pts scored #14 Kristen Mentzer CVHAA Patriots | 1000 pts scored #50 Deondre Dabney CVHAA Patriots | 1000 pts scored #11 Nick Wagner CVHAA Patriots | 1000 pts scored #1 Ethan Diffee CVHAA Patriots | 1000 pts scored #3 Isaac Stolzenburg HCA Falcons | 1000 pts scored #32 Nathan Shelton HCA Falcons | 1000 pts scored #3 Clay Poston CVHAA Patriots | 1000 pts scored: #14 Kacie Shaffner State Line Rush | 1500 pts scored #23 Lawson Quinn CVHAA Patriots | 1500 pts scored #24 Haze Green FHSAA Hawks | 1500 pts scored #12 Kenzi Hart South Wake Sabres | 2000 pts scored #1 Brett Collins Coastal Hurricanes | 2500 pts scored #3 JT Twaddell FHSAA Hawks | 4000 pts scored #5 Audrey Clark State Line Rush

Nathan Brown from the Indianapolis Northwest Warriors surpasses 1,000 pts scored

Gary Garlic of the BEACH Breakers is a member of the 1,000 Points Scored Club #ECBuzz

CVHAA's Clay Poston joins the 1,000 points scored club. #ECBuzz

Haze Green from FHSAA Hawks is a member of the 1,500 points club. #ECBuzz

Jacob "JT" Twaddell surpasses 2500 career points for the FHSAA Hawks. #ECBuzz

South Wake Sabres ‘ Kenzie Hart recently surpassed the 1400 points mark and now she was the leading scorer for the organization and she got a sweatshirt that said she hit that mark. She is on her way to the 1,500 points club. #ECBuzz

HCA Falcons is proud to have a culture that recognizes achievements, both team and individual. Last night we honored #IsaacStolzenburg for reaching both the 1,000 point and 500 career assists marks earlier this season. Isaac has tremendous skills as a basketball player: excellent court vision, great shooting abilities, amazing handles, etc, but he's also been blessed with a non-stop work ethic. In addition, Isaac has fantastic leadership skills both on and off the court. #ECBuzz

In Virginia, Beach Breakers' West Morgan surpasses 1,000 points #ECBuzz

Congratulations to Sierra Hall of the Cincinnati Trailblazers who scored her 1000th point tonight in a 51-27 win over North College Hill.

Two new 1000pt club members from the Indianapolis Wildcats' juniors Luke Ruddle and Noah Shook with Coach Paul Settle

Congratulations to Cincinnati Trailblazer Anne Wheeler for scoring her 1000th point as a junior

CVHAA Patriots' Kaylie Goad scored her 1000th point (9th + 10th grade combined) vs. Collegiate #ECBuzz

Brett Collins of the Coastal Hurricanes from Savannah Gerogria is a member of the 2,000 Points Club #ECBuzz

Shea Dickinson from the Easley Guardians (SC) surpasses 1,000 points scored. #ECBuzz

Fort Wayne Hawks' Jacob Lock reaches 2,000 Points Club

VIRGINIA: 1,000 Points Club Fredericksburg Victory's Lindsey Hicks was recognized at East Coast Nationals for surpassing 1,000 points score mark.

NORTH CAROLINA: 1,000 Points Club Lighthouse Eagle's Jordan Tomberlin is recognized at the East Coast Nationals for scoring more than 1000 points in his career. (courtesy Final Shot Photography)

Lighthouse Christian Chargers' Luke Davis eclipses 1,000 points scored

Jared Strickland junior 6’3 age 16. Plays for KACHEA (Kingsport TN). January 20, 2018 he made his 1000 points!

Megan Whitaker, point guard for @Southwest Missouri RUSH, scored her 2,000th high school point on Nov. 30th. In December, she officially signed to play college ball at William Woods University

Cincinnati Trailblazers' Arden Kamentz scored her 1000th point this weekend

1,000 points milestones FHSAA Hawks' (Virginia) Jacob Twaddell

Milestones: NCC Warriors 3,000 pt Club Member Caleb
also check out our "Milestones" web page

Milestones: NCC Warriors 1,000 pt Club Members CJ, Will, Kara and Maggie
also check out our "Milestones" web page

Milestone: Quincy Saints' Chris Hickman 2,000 Career Points!

2,000 points and 1,000 points milestones Congratulations Emily Conroe (2,000) and Amanda Lawler (1,000)

1,000 pt Club SWCHA Saints' Senior Point Guard Mary Seegers


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