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Seniors Archive

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===== 2020 =====
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Vision Basketball Senior Night, Class of 2020

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RUSH Basketball It was a successful Senior Night, as RUSH teams went 3-0 against Lebanon! All five seniors scored and significantly contributed to leading their teams to victory. Congratulations to Jacquie Boyd, Shepard Amstutz, Blake Miller, Jonah Mullins, and Josh Turney on a great night!!

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Flathead Valley Crusaders (MT) Basketball Seniors, Class of 2020

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Carolina Mustangs Seniors, Class of 2020 #ECBuzz!

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Durham Flight Senior Night Congratulations to Greyson Greenwood, Will Carreiro, and Cole Henson. #ECBuzz!

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Lighthouse Eagles Senior Night courtesy Jeff Keller, Final Shot Photography. #ECBuzz!

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Denver Eagles Christian Homeschool Denver Eagles Christian Homeschool Senior Night

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South Wake Sabres (NC) Basketball Seniors Class of 2020. #ECBuzz!

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Valley Thunder (VA) Basketball Seniors Class of 2020. #ECBuzz!

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Surry Runnin' Patriots (NC) Basketball Seniors Class of 2020. #ECBuzz!

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EHA Guardians (SC) Basketball Seniors Class of 2020. #ECBuzz!

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Wyoming Warriors 2020 Seniors: Ridge, Micha, Anna, Nick, and Tyler

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Southeastern Cardinals Basketball Class of 2020 #ECBuzz!

SWLA Lady Knights 2020 Seniors

Lowcountry Wildcats 2020 Seniors and their families! Congratulations Kailah Aledia, Lily Turner, Michael McGinnis, Maurice Young, Kai Gold, Tommy Dumont, Eliah McCaghy, and Kobey Morris. #ECBuzz!

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KASH Eagles Basketball Seniors, Class of 2020

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Fort Wayne Guard Basketball Class of 2020

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Scott County Flames Scott County Flames Senior Night

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NCC Warriors basketball senior day. (missing Robert Wheeler and family).

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   MEMBER    Victors Homeschool Sports Basketball seniors, class of 2020

(by NOAH)    MEMBER    NOAH Jaguars Five Seniors from the 2020 class signed their Letter of Intent to play collegiate soccer.

Shown from left to right:

Kylie Cornett- Oral Roberts University | Anna Fulton- Oral Roberts University | Katie Culberson- Northeastern State University | Emily Dobbins- Seminole State College | Alanna Bloomingdale- Oklahoma Baptist University

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<HCYA Hurricanes Congratulations, Seniors, class of 2020. [P/C Instagram]

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Northside Lions Senior Day (p/c) Dan Ziegler, Shutterfly

(from NHSVBT)

NHSVBT recognizes the tournament senior class of 2020.

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Grand Valley Christian Patriots football class of 2020 seniors.

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   MEMBER    Metro Warriors Senior night 2019

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   MEMBER    Indy Genesis Volleyball class of 2020

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Central Virginia (CVHAA) Patriots volleyball Senior Night #ECBuzz

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   MEMBER    Eastern Shore FCA BucksFootball Senior day. A great day of faith, family, and football! #ECBuzz!

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Gallatin Valley Homeschool Cougars seniors recognized.

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DASCHE Spartans"What a way to kick off our #Homecoming weekend with a 55-0 win!” ~ Gabe Steele #9 Spartans v Northside Lions 55-0

===== 2019 =====
Seniors of the class of 2019 were recognized at the 2019 East Coast Nationals. #ECBuzz

Senior Night for the DMI Defenders #ECBuzz

Friday night was Senior Night for the New Life Storm basketball program. 11 Seniors were celebrated and both teams scored strong wins as well. #ECBuzz. Courtesy Final Shot Photography

Senior Night for Frederick Force #ECBuzz.

South Wake Sabres honors their Seniors #ECBuzz.

Senior night for Southeastern Cardinals in Wilmington, NC #ECBuzz.

Senior night for 6 seniors for Easley Guardians #ECBuzz.

Senior Night for Lowcountry Wildcats Seniors - Team Manager Samantha Hawkins | #21 Shannon Woods | #10 Annie Polites | #5 Caleb Day | #22 Solomon Adams #ECBuzz.

Senior Night for FVAA Victory (VA) basketball teams.

Homecoming 2019 for the Echo Knights Basketball program.

KC East Lions Seniors, Class of 2019

Crimson Knights Cheerleaders Senior Class of 2019

Christ Prep Football Class of 2019

THESA Riders Volleyball Celebrates Homecoming

Metro Warriors Volleyball Seniors

CHSM Volleyball Seniors

Bloomington Bobcats XC Seniors

WEST VIRGINIA: Ignite Volleyball Volleyball Senior Night #ECBuzz

Victory Volleyball Senior Night #ECBuzz

THESA Riders Volleyball Celebrates Senior Night

Fort Wayne Fusion Class of 2019

ACA Defenders Senior Night

NORTH CAROLINA: GCAA Stallions Volleyball Seniors

VIRGINIA: Seniors, NVHAA Centurions Cheerleaders

===== 2018 =====
GEORGIA: Seniors Honored Congrats to the Coastal Hurricanes Baseball seniors! -Austin Cobb (Parents KeithandAmy Cobb) -Zack Fussell (Parents Bruce K. Fussell and Suzanne Wynn Fussell) -Caleb Locklear (Parents Mike Locklear and Beverly Lafferty Locklear) -Ryan Rockwell (Parents Jason Rockwell and Terri Palmer Rockwell) -Caleb Wilson (Parents Timothy Wilson)

TENNESSEE: Seniors Honored Knoxville Ambassadors basketball recognize four seniors at their sports banquet.

Loudoun County Patriots Varsity Boys Class of 2018:Jared Andrews, Coleman Lowder, Drew Stocker, Connor Weitz

Austin Royals basketball, Class of 2018

Senior Class, Illinois Cru

NCC Warriors, Class of 2018

CHSM Basketball Seniors, Class of 2018

Senior Night for FHSAA Hawks

Aggieland Senior night victory over FBCHA for Boys’ Varsity, 64-61.

Seniors, Class of 2018 - GGC Barons

Durham Flight Basketball Senior class

South Charlotte Thunder Seniors

Hattiesburg Forerunners Basketball Class of 2018

Victors Basketball - Seniors, class of 2018

Senior Night for National Champions, THESA Riders Volleyball

Indy Trailblazers Senior Night

FHSAA Hawks (VA) Volleyball Senior Night

SWCHA Saints Football: Real Troopers at Senior Night

Carolina Mustangs Senior Night for Emily

Wichita Defenders Senior Night for Joanna

CCAA Cougars (KY) Class of 2018 Seniors

Durham Flight Volleyball Senior Night

ACA Defenders Class of 2018 Seniors and Homecoming

Coastal Hurricanes (GA) Class of 2018 Seniors and Homecoming

ACA Defenders Prepping for Homecoming

NVHAA Centurions Football, Cheer Seniors of the class of 2018

Victors Softball Seniors of the class of 2018

East Indy Trailblazers Seniors of the class of 2018

===== 2017 =====
IHS Lions (KS) Congratulations Class of 2017

Lowcountry Wildcats (SC) Congratulations Class of 2017

Baseball All-Americans Congrats to SWCHA seniors J. Gleason and D. Seybold for making the 2017 All American team.

Coastal Homeschool Hurricanes
Their final baseball game marked the end of a four year ride for senior Ryan OSako, Noah Licavoli (6 yrs) and Spenser Stewart (2). Senior Lexi Rockwell gets some props too for taking amazing pictures and documenting great memories for all of us. Lexi has one of her photos in the running for "Photo of the Year"

Farewell to Victors Seniors Congratulations, Victors, on an outstanding season with a final victory over Manchester Academy, 5 courts to 4! It is bittersweet to end the season knowing that we are saying farewell to our 3 outstanding seniors, Jake Hersey, Lizzie Mooney, and Jacob Wiggins.

made #POTW (Photos of the Week 04/22/17)

Forsyth Hawks Seniors Koral Held and Emily Weatherholtz

DASCHE Spartans Basketball Seniors

Senior Night in Wake Forest, NC!

NCC Warriors Seniors Day! (Wow! They have more seniors than most teams have players!)

ECHO Knights Homecoming 2017

HRK Eagles Senior Night Shai, Drew, Lacey, Emmett, and Arielle!

Frederick Force '17 Senior Night Recognition

Lowcountry Wildcats Congratulations to the 2017 Wildcats' Basketball Seniors Austin Olszewski, Scott McLeod, Jackson Armstrong, Bobby Calhoun, Matt Weigel, Kody Cranford

CHESS Seniors honored --#12 Kayley, #23 Kourtney, #10 Joey, #32 David and awesome team manager, Jessica (courtesy @CHESSLadyKnigh1)

KASH Eagles Senior night memories

CVHAA Patriots Recognition of Seniors

Coastal Hurricanes Senior Night

Texas Wind Football Senior Night
Bryant Marwitz

SENIOR NIGHT Frederick Force Volleyball Anna Congleton and Jana Poole

SENIOR NIGHT Rockford FIRE Volleyball Thanks to all who came out last night and celebrated our seniors with us!! Congrats to all levels on their wins.

NVHAA Centurions (click here for their team profile) recognized 5 seniors

East Indy Trailblazers (click here for their team profile) Senior Recognition.

Genesis United Girls Soccer (click here for their team profile) Senior Night, recognizing our seven seniors this year.

Genesis United Boys Soccer (click here for their team profile) Senior Night, recognizing 4 seniors this year.

GCAA Stallions Volleyball Senior Night (click here for their team profile) (courtesy Tara Clemmons Kayali)

Lady Cavs Volleyball Senior Night (click here for their team profile) #21 Karly Mixon, #10 Paiten Faris, and #7 Mary Kate Beck.

===== 2016 =====

Victors Homeschool Baseball Senior Night

Front Royal Flames Senior Night plus Alumni Game

Elmira Defenders Senior Night

EHA Guardians Senior Night

Kalamazoo Cougars Senior Night

also see Basketball...

Rockford FIRE Senior Night

also see Basketball...

EVAC Eagles Senior Night

also see Basketball...

Aggieland Panthers Senior Night

also see Basketball...

HRK Eagles Senior Night

AHSA Angels

Senior Night
also see Basketball...

Brevard HEAT

Senior Night
also see Basketball...

Acadiana AHSA Commandos

Homecoming 2015 (FB Post)
also see Football...

Lubbock Titans Football

Homecoming 2015 (photos courtesy Rodney Ayers Photography)
also see Football...

Austin Royals

Senior Night (FB Post)
also see Volleyball...

New Orleans Homeschool Saints

Senior Night. (FB Post)
also see Football...

Indy Silver Lightning

Volleyball Senior Night. Congrats Sarah, Abbi, and Hailey (FB Post)
also see Senior Nights...
also see Volleyball...

CCAA Cougars

Volleyball Senior Night (FB Post)
also see Volleyball... (October 2015) -WINGS (TX) Homecoming pep rally. (Also nominated for "Photo of the Year" Photographer: Jack Springer)

KC East Lions Volleyball

Volleyball Senior Night (FB Post)
also see Volleyball...

Baton Rouge Homeschool Eagles

2015 Homecoming and Senior Night (FB Post) also see Senior Night / Homecoming...

KASH Lady Eagles

volleyball Senior Night (FB Post) also see Volleyball...

HSAA 2015 Homecoming

(FB Post, courtesy Monica Aiello Wisel) also see Football... also see Homecoming...

Tennessee HEAT

Senior night for the Varsity Volleyball team seniors: Lila, Bri, Erin and Katie (FB Post) also see Volleyball...

Cabarrus Stallions

Homecoming Court (FB Post) also see Football...

Coastal Hurricanes

Homecoming Victory over the PAC Panthers (FB Post) also see Football... also see Homecoming...

Northern Virginia Centurions

- Seniors (from FB Post) also see Football...


Raleigh Hawks Basketball

- (from FB Post‎) also see Basketball...

===== 2015 =====

IHS Sports - (from FB post) Class of 2015

BVCHEA - (from FB post) Class of 2015 Graduate also see Grduations, Seniors and Homescomings...

Indianapolis Kings Baseball - (from FB post) The Kings Varsity recognized the 3 Seniors, John Evans, Abe Hogan, and Micah Pullins before their final game on Saturday. Over their tenure on Varsity, they were key players in the Kings winning the 2013 Midwest Homeschool World Series, the 2014 Indiana Christian State Tournament, and the 2015 Shine.FM Grand Park Tournament.

North Atlanta Christian Flight - (from FB post) Seniors, Class of 2015

North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) - (from FB post) Class of 2015

CenTex Chargers - (from FB post) This great group of seniors will Graduate on May 30...

Austin Royals - (from FB post) Sending off the Seniors with prayer at the Royals All-Sport Award Ceremony

Forsyth Home Educators (photos courtesy Forsyth Home Educators) Graduation and Class of 2015.

MICHIGAN: Wyoming Warriors Senior Night with parents at last home game

MISSISSIPPI: Victors Homeschool Sports Senior Night

WISCONSIN: SWCHA Saints Basketball 2015 Seniors.

Class of 2015 Recognized
East Coast Championships Delivered Gifts to Graduating Seniors

With a super-charged Challenge from Coach Ray Vasser from the DMI Defenders.

TENNESSEE: Daniel 1 Academy 2015 Senior Night.

VIRGINIA: Front Royal Flames Senior Night.

GEORGIA: NAC Flight Senior Night.

MINNESOTA: South Metro Huskies Senior Night.

MICHIGAN: Kalamazoo Cougars Senior Night.

VIRGINIA: CVHAA Patriots 2015 basketball seniors.

ILLINOIS: Rockford Fire Senior, or Bunke Night!

ARIZONA: EVAC Eagles Basketball Class of 2015


VIRGINIA: Hampton Roads Cougars Senior Night (courtesy Mimi Brown).

MONTANA: Gallatin Valley Homeschool Cougars Senior Night.

MISSISSIPPI: Victors Homeschool Sports Senior Night for Victors basketball. We love our 11 seniors and will miss them all next year!

LOUISIANA: CHEF of Baton Rouge Patriots FootballSenior Night. The Patriots will play the Saints on Nov. 6, for the ACEL Championship, which will be at Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans

SOUTH CAROLINA: Greenville Hurricanes Senior Night.

NEW MEXICO: AHSA Angels - Senior night for one of our own...3 goals. Nice job Jocelyn...

INDIANA: Silver Lightning Volleyball - Congrats to our Senior!! It's been awesome getting to play with you this season! We will miss you Emelia!

INDIANA: Noblesville Lions recognizing seniors

KENTUCKY: CCAA Cougars - What an incredible night we had for Senior night! Great match against Rolling Hills, best fans in the world and memorable fellowship after. We love you Haley, Katrina Caroline and Avery, you will be missed every moment.

LOUISIANA: Homecoming for Baton Rouge Homeschool Eagles.

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