Coaches, Adults & Alumni Pickup Games (Limited, FREE EVENT)

When: Friday Evening at the Vines Center Arena where it all started!

Who: Coaches / Adults / Homeschool Alumni

Sign-ups have ended. SEE ROSTERS FOR ALL TEAMS

What to Bring: Bring the specified dark or light shirt depending on the team you are placed on. (You will receive an email notification)

GAME 1: "Ancient Mysteries" (coaches and adults 35+ )

Warmups 6:30 pm | Tip-Off 6:50 pm



GAME 2: (follows Friday Focus) "Wiz-Kids" (Alumni and Coaches under 35)

9:30 pm (approx) Warmups | Tip- Off 9:50 pm

Registration and Rules

TWO Age Groups: Game 1: 35+ ("Ancient Mysteries") and Game 2: Under 35 ("Wiz Kids")

TWO halves of 20 mins running clock with a 5-minute half time.

Clock will only stop in the last 2 mins OF THE 2ND HALF.


“HOME” – white / light color NO GREY !!!
Aaron McCoy, Beach Breakers
Tommy Cahoon, Cap City Warriors
Darrell Jackson, Beach Breakers
Adam Batts, SE Cardinals
Scott Dickinson, Easley Guardians
Keith Denton, Easley Guardians
Chad Henderson, Easley Guardians
Greg Johnson, South Charlotte Thunder
Shawn Hill, South Charlotte Thunder
Bobby Shutt, Chatham Thunder
David Woolever, Chatham Thunder
Justin Brooks, Chatham Thunder
Trey Poston , CVHAA Patriots
Matt Coley, CVHAA Patriots
Ash Goad, CVHAA Patriots
Autumn Edwards, CVHAA Patriots
Eric Edwards, CVHAA Patriots
Brian Flemion, CVHAA Patriots
Mark Forester, Alamance Eagles
Holly Forester, Alamance Eagles
Steph Love, Alamance Eagles
Damon Johnson, KACHEA

“AWAY” – black / dark color NO GREY !!!
Ray Vasser, DMI Defenders
Reggie Chapple, South Wake Sabres
Neil Collins, Richmond Spirit Warhawks
Greg Williams, Richmond Spirit Warhawks
Chris Voiles, Richmond Spirit Warhawks
Greg Stancil, High Point Eagles
Wyatt Craig, Lynchburg Patriots
Kyle Jarman, Lighthouse Eagles
Jamie Simmons, South Wake Sabres
Steve Rank, South Wake Sabres
Davis Springer, SE Cardinals
Stanley Belcher, FHSAA Hawks
Sandy Moore, Richmond Spirit Warhawks
Marc Brooks, GCAA Stallions
John Fant, FHSAA Hawks
Katy Gareau, FHSAA Hawks
Chris Grose, FHSAA Hawks
Justin Mulkey, FHSAA Hawks
Karen Oliver, FHSAA Hawks
Some Guy from HSPN

“WIZ Kids” Game 2 Rosters

“HOME” – white / light color NO GREY !!!
Maggi Wooster, BJU
Daniel Ritchey, Knoxville Ambassadors
Daniel Herman, Knoxville Ambassadors
Zach Conant, Knoxville Ambassadors
Cooper Conant, Knoxville Ambassadors
Rebecca Flowers, Chatham Thunder
Micah Shutt, Chatham Thunder
Jonathan Brummet, James River Eagles
Kyle McFadden, Frederick Force
Paul Woodson, Rockingham Rage
Levi Chapman, ACTS Warriors
Elijah Chapman, ACTS Warriors
Sam Reynolds, ACTS Warriors
Clayton Nunn, Evansville Thunderbolts
Matthew Layton, Word Of Life
James Twadell, FHSAA Hawks
Kamarri Saunders, Lynchburg Patriots

“AWAY” – black / dark color no GREY !!!!

Jordan Vasser, DMI Defenders
Riley Wendt, DMI Defenders
Chaz Vasser, DMI Defenders
Jonathan Keller, Lighthouse Eagles
Matthew Wright, South Wake Sabres
Zachary Weidemann, Alamance Eagles
Connor Shoup, Alamance Eagles
Landon Simmons, Alamance Eagles
Faith Thompson, Alamance Eagles
Colin Danaher, CVHAA Patriots
Liam Chafin, CVHAA Patriots
Noah Wilson, SW Sabres
Gracie George, SW Sabres
Christian George, SW Sabres
Jared Foulke, SW Sabres
Joseph Kulits, Forsyth Hawks
Aleksandreja Kulitx, Forsyth Hawks