Court and Time Assignments (PDF)

When: 8:15 pm Thursday @ LCA (Liberty Christian Academy)

Who: MS boys & girls | JV boys & girls | Varsity boys & girls

* enter in only division, preferably age appropriate.

** you may participate EVEN IF your team is not in the tournament

Court and Time Assignments (PDF)

Cost: $10 per participant. Same Format as in the past. Shooting from 5 points on the court. watch video...

What to Bring: ONLY 2 Basketballs and 2 helpers (rebounders)

How it works: Each shooter has 60 seconds to make 3-pt shots at FIVE designated areas (see diagram). A shooter will shoot from spot #1 and must make a legal 3-pt shot before moving to spot #2 and so forth. If a shooter has made it all the way to spot #5 and made that shot and there is time on the clock, he/she continues by making ANOTHER SHOT FROM spot #5, before moving to then to #4 ,and so forth.

Each shooter will receive one point for each successful, legal 3-point shot made within 60 seconds. After the clock expires, please report your score to the official scorer.

NEW! If you did well, you will be given a "token" with your score on it that reflects your score and you will be instructed to sit at the "reserved" seating area until all shooters are done. If your score gets surpassed, you will be free to leave. If your score remains in the top 3 best scores, you will be in contention for a possible "Shoot-Out" and/or a 1st , 2nd or 3rd place award.

This video will demonstrate the new format: