THURSDAY Focus - Mandatory Attendance 8pm @ Vines Center Arena

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When: 8:00 pm Thursday @ the Vines Center

FREE Admission

It's Pizza Night at Thursday FOCUS Reserve your $5 pizza now and it will be at the Vines Center (click here...)

Mascots and "Characters" come in costume - get picked! Wear the new "Alumni" shirt and you might get picked! Wear a prior year tournament apparel and you might get picked!

In no particular order:
Slam Dunk Contest

Updates from Our Sponsors

Tournament All-Group Photo

Whacky Basketball Relay Races

Entertainment by Recording Artists

Presentation of Player Milestone Achievements

RECOGNITION of the Seniors, Class of 2018

KEYNOTE ADDRESS by John Zeller, Executive Director of SCORE International

Note: Best Parking is in Bookstore Parking lot only, Do not park on the street