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When: 8:00 pm Tuesday @ LCA (Liberty Christian Academy)

Who: 14-U* (boys and girls) | 16-U* (boys and girls**) | 18-U* (boys and girls)

* it is suggested that contest be age-based, but it is your choice.

** you may participant EVEN IF your team is not in the tournament

Court and Time Assignments HAVE BEEN POSTED

Cost: $10 per participant. (Registration has ended)

Same Format as in the past 2 years Shooting from 5 points on the court. watch video...

What to Bring: ONLY 2 Basketballs and 2 helpers (rebounders)

How it works: Each shooter has 60 seconds to make 3-pt shots at FIVE designated areas (see diagram). A shooter will shoot from spot #1 and must make a legal 3-pt shot before moving to spot #2 and so forth. If a shooter has made it all the way to spot #5 and made that shot and there is time on the clock, he/she continues by making ANOTHER SHOT FROM spot #5, then to #4 ,and so forth.

Each shooter will receive one point for each successful, legal 3-point shot made within 60 seconds. After the clock expires, please report your score at the scorer's table If you did well, please stick around in case of a tie, there will be a “shoot-off” if necessary.

This video will demonstrate the new format:

1st Place engraved award, plus prize for each Division:

2nd Place engraved award for each Division:

3rd Place prize for each Division: