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When: 8:00 pm Wednesday @ Vines Center (during Wednesday Focus)

What to Bring: Your favorite basketball - you may also bring a helper

How it works: There will be 3 rounds for each participant. When it’s your turn, you have 30 seconds on the clock to make your best dunk. Keep trying until the clock runs out. After all participants have completed their 3rd round, the judges will tally up scores and the top 3 winners are announced and awarded.

1st Place receives :
An engraved award
A Special gift

2nd Place receives :
An engraved award
A special gift

3rd – 10 Place receive :
A special gift


Dawson Fields, Bluegrass United (KY)
Isaiah Jones, Heritage Christian Athletics (TX)
Chaz Vasser, DMI Defenders (IA)
Lawson Quinn, CVHAA Patriots (VA)
Jalyn Jennings, Lighthouse Christian (NC)
Kwinton Turner, GGC Barons (GA)