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Football Combine in SC

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NORTH CAROLINA: Triad Blue Jays baseball team

INDIANA: Carmel Tigers Tennis

SOUTH CAROLINA: Anderson Caveliers Brennon Adams makes the Clemson team

TEXAS: Johnson County Lions Sports Association baseball team, (courtesy Kailey Hargrove)

DELAWARE: New helmets have arrived for the Eastern Shore Bucks.

OHIO: Crusader Rugby team competed very well in their 7's match against Pickerington

MISSOURI: Lighthouse Christian Chargers - 4th Annual Chargers relay

FLORIDA: Tampa Bay HEAT Track and Field heading to Regionals

MINNESOTA: South Metro Storm - the newest homeschool baseball team

TEXAS: Charter Crimson Knights seniors received their first ever CHSM uniform framed

MISSOURI: Congratulations Sean Masiakiewicz on signing with Cornerstone University to play college baseball

OHIO: Columbus Crusaders working at The Church at Polaris

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Texas family interested in volleyball .» details...

Delaware family interested in many 3 homeschool kids (1 HS junior) (1 HS frosh) (1 3rd grader) moving to DE in July.» details...

Maryland family interested in Basketball, Cross Country, Golf and more Three daughters looking for an opportunity to compete at different levels..» details...

Texas family interested in cheer track .» details...

Georgia family interested in all i love playing sports all i can do but nothing in woodstock i see..» details...

Ohio family interested in High School Girls Volleyball I have two daughters looking for a team. They have played at Veritas Academy for the past 4 years and will be seniors next fall. Looking for a new place to play well and hard..» details...

North Carolina family interested in Cheerleading .» details...

Missouri family interested in baseball, soccer, track .» details...

Alabama - Jacksonville /calhoun county :We are new to homeschooling and want our son to be able to play sports on a team.» details...

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North Carolina - Family interested in .» Connect with them

California - Family interested in soccer boys.» Connect with them

Mississippi - Family interested in baseball, football, golf.» Connect with them

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Family interested in baseball opportunities for my 14 year old as we travel the country.» Connect with them

California - Family interested in Varsity Boys Tackle Football.» Connect with them

North Carolina - Family interested in Volleyball tournament in and around Lynchburg, Va.» Connect with them

Maryland - Family interested in Basketball Homeschool league.» Connect with them

Missouri - Family interested in Boys Baseball, Ages 9-12...trying to build a team and create or join a league for traveling teams in MO or adjoining states..» Connect with them

Soccer Standings (boys)...

see ALL...

 W  L  T  
F.I.S.H. (FL)       25  0  0  
Warriors (IN)       13  0  2  
Fusion (IN)       12  5  0  
United (MO)       11  0  1  
Southside Thunder (IN)       11  4  3  
ROCKS (NY)       11  5  0  
Landmark Eagles (OH)       11  10  0  
Jaguars (IN)       10  8  1  
Genesis United FC (IN)       9  2  2  
H.A.A.C.H. Cougars (MI)       9  9  0  
Strikers (IN)       8  6  2  
Warriors (NC)       5  0  0  

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Basketball Standings (boys)...

see ALL...

 W  L  T  
Bluegrass United (KY)       36  4  0  
Saints (IL)       32  9  0  
Rochester Rapids (NY)       30  2  0  
HCYA (TX)       30  13  0  
Force (LA)       26  7  0  
Panthers (TX)       22  6  0  
Trailblazers (OH)       22  11  0  
Crown Athletics Knights (GA)       21  8  0  
Patriots Baskeball (MO)       20  7  0  
Spirit Athletics (VA)       20  13  0  
Guardians (SC)       19  5  0  
ROCKS (NY)       19  5  0  

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Basketball Standings (girls)...

see ALL...

 W  L  T  
Carolina Home Educators Cougars (NC)       42  2  0  
FHSAA Hawks (VA)       34  3  0  
GC-Heat (NC)       33  2  0  
State Line Rush (VA)       28  13  0  
Blue Ridge Panthers (VA)       26  15  0  
Flight (NC)       25  5  0  
FEAST (TX)       24  3  0  
Ambassadors (TN)       24  10  0  
Rochester Rapids (NY)       22  1  0  
Spirit Athletics (VA)       22  5  0  
HEAT (TN)       20  10  0  
Trailblazers (IN)       18  5  0  

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Football Standings...

see ALL...

 W  L  T  
Silverbacks (TN)       11  1  0  
Lighthouse Christian (MO)       11  2  0  
FEAST (TX)       10  2  0  
Chargers (TX)       10  3  0  
FAITH Knights (TX)       10  3  0  
Cavaliers (SC)       9  1  0  
Disciples Football (VA)       9  1  0  
FCA Nighthawks (TN)       9  1  0  
F.I.S.H. (FL)       9  2  0  
HEAT (TX)       9  2  0  
Carolina Crusaders (SC)       9  3  0  
Carolina Wildcats (SC)       8  1  0  

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Volleyball Standings...

see ALL...

 W  L  T  
F.I.S.H. (FL)       27  1  0  
Silver Lightning (IN)       24  8  4  
Crown Athletics Knights (GA)       22  0  0  
CCAA Cougars (KY)       20  5  0  
Crossroads Crusaders (IL)       19  5  0  
Saints (IL)       19  6  0  
HEAT (FL)       18  6  0  
Crusaders (NC)       17  5  0  
EVAC Eagles (AZ)       16  0  0  
Storm (OK)       15  12  0  
CVHAA Patriots (VA)       14  2  0  
Panthers Volleyball (MO)       14  3  0  

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Team Postings...

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Minnesota - South Metro Storm:...» details...

Alabama - Alabaster Evangel Christian School:Evangel Christian School is a state-registered K-12 church school in Alabaster, Alabama, established in 2004, and operating under the legal and spiritual oversight of Evangel Church, PCA, as a Board-directed ministry, for the purpose of facilitating Christian home education. The purpose of the Evangel Christian School Athletic Program is to provide a challenging and enjoyable sports environment for our students that is distinctively Christian, and that will point them and those who observe them to Christ. All sports are played at our own modern Evangel Sports Complex. It is our hope that striving to please and enjoy God in athletics will be a blessing to our student athletes and their families and will have eternal significance on their lives and the lives of those they in which come into contact....» details...

Rhode Island - Rhode Island RISE Wrestling:The story of the wise builder whom built his home upon a rock. One of the over looked parts of this story is that until the rains came down, the man who built his his house on the beach also looked wise. The only way to know the difference was to see who's house had the better Foundation. In wrestling, you could also have a hard time identifying who was a better builder, until you had a chance to see the foundation that was built on the stone of godly determination that holds up throughout the storm. That's we that RISE Wrestling is all about....» details...

West Chicago, Illinois - Bartlett Homeschool University: ...» details...

Illinois - Morris, IL Glory to God Basketball:We offer junior high and high school basketball teams that compete against other private schools and home school teams. Our season runs November through March, but we do have one practice a month during the rest of the year....» details...