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Football News

(by Chris Connaughton)

TEXAS HOMESCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM IN NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR BEST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL HELMET While everyone is still deciding on which is best, staying indoors or venturing out, a different debate is raging online. This is not a debate for the faint of heart. The right to be crowned the Best High School Football Helmet in the Greatest Football State in the Country, Texas, is on the line first. Then, the honor, to defend the Great State of Texas by bringing the Title of Best National High School Football Helmet would be next. Only the biggest and baddest would dare enter or be selected for this competition.

Just like any great sports story, we always find out about that one underdog team. That one team who defies all the critiques and disbelievers. The team who seems to somehow keep beating all expectations and amaze everyone like some type of cosmic luck. Well this competition would be no different. Let me introduce you to the Atlas Ratters!

The Atlas Rattlers are a homeschool 11 man football program based out of Fort Worth, TX. Their mission is to give all kids the chance to play this great game we love, regardless of their educational choice. In order to get the word out about the new program for their inaugural season in 2019, they knew they would have to come up with the Best Logo and Helmet anywhere. With the help of Riddell, they would get the best helmets out there. Then they went and created the best logo, a Texas Rattlesnake! Well, now they want to prove it going into Season 2 by representing the Greatest Football State in the Country, TEXAS!!! They know, if they win Texas, they will win the National Tournament!

So in this uncertain time, maybe we can all pull together and rally behind this underdog. After all, every one of us could relate to wanting to beat the odds, exceed expectations and overcome the situation. We all have a little Texas Rattlesnake left in us! Vote: @AtlasDfw Vote: ATLAS