National Anthem Performers for Championship Friday

Before the Championship games at the Vines Center and Liberty Christian Academy, you or your group will open a game by singing the National Anthem. Be sure to "at the mic" 5 minutes before tip-off. Once you commit, you must be present, regardless of whether your team is playing or not.

Available openings for Championship Friday:

9:00 am (Vines Center and LCA)
10:30 am (LCA)
noon (LCA)
1:30 pm (LCA)
3:00 pm (LCA)
Request your preference(s) by TEXTing to: 540 631 5683 or e-mail to

Boo Beaty 10:30 am (Vines)
Jacey Edwards noon (Vines)
Davis Bradley 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm (Vines)
Ally Plantz 4:30 pm (Vines)