Coaches, Adults & Alumni Pickup Game (Limited, FREE EVENT)

When: Tuesday Evening, 9:00 pm @ LCA

Who: Coaches / Adults / Homeschool Alumni


What to Bring: Bring the specified dark or light shirt depending on the team you are placed on.

Back Court, LCA (Alumni and "Wiz-Kids" ages under 35)
Main Court ("Ancient Mysteries" ages 35+ )

9:00 pm Warmups / 9:15 pm Tip-Off details...    See who is playing so far..

Registration and Rules
TWO Age Group: Under 35 ("Wiz-Kids") and Over 35 ("Ancient Mysteries")

LCA Main Court and Back Court

9:00 pm Warmups / 9:15 pm Tip-Off
TWO halves of 30 mins running clock with a 10-minute half time.

Clock will only stop in the last 2 mins OF THE 2ND HALF


“HOME” – white / grey / light color

Nolan Simmons (Alamance)
Justin Jacobs (FHS Hawks)
Caleb Jacobs (FHS Hawks)
Jared Foulke (SW Sabres)
Christian George (SW Sabres)
Jared Norman (Lychburg)
James Twaddell (FHS Hawks)
Jared Norman (Lychburg)
Tim Larsen (Lynchburg)
Kayla Smith (Lynchburg)
Logan Smith (Lynchburg)

“AWAY” – blue / black / red / dark color

Ryan Benjamin (SW Virginia)
EJ Bridges (GC Heat)
Rebecca Reifsnider (Force)
Daniel Ritchey (Knoxville)
Daniel Herman (Knoxville)
Abia Williams (Augusta)
Luke Wagner (CVHAA)
Nicholas Flemion (Spirit)
Myles Monnahan (DMI)
Jordan Vasser (DMI)


“HOME” – white / grey / light color
Michelle DeWitt (FHS Hawks)
Keith Jacobs (FHS Hawks)
Karen Oliver (FHS Hawks)
Haze Green (FHS Hawks)
Darrell Jackson (Beach Breakers)
Dennis Clay (Beach Breakers)
Chris Nash (Beach Breakers)
Julio Lasval (Beach Breakers)
Steven Dubriske (FHS Hawks)
Matthew Coley (CVHAA)
Eric Rodgers (Victory)
Rick Curry (Victory)
Sean Whitenack (Victory)
Clay Hicks (Victory)
Ashley Goad (CVHAA)
Jeff Vernon (Victory)
Jeff Boone (CVHAA)
Joe Deck (FHS Hawks)
Bob Leon (Frederick Warriors)

“AWAY” – blue / black / red / dark color

Brian Flemion (Spirit)
Brad Foster (Flames)
Justin Brooks (Chatham)
Bobby Shutt (Chatham)
Stephen Wester (South Wake)
Ray Vasser (DMI)
Dave Osborn (St Johns)
Chris Voiles (James River)
Eric Seymour (James River)
Todd Asselborn (Lynchburg)
Kevin Brungard (Spirit)
Jason Weatherholtz (Flames)
Jeff Shoup (Alamance)
Danny Simmons (Alamance)
Boo Beaty (Greenville)
Bryan King (Lighthouse)
Kyle Jarman (Lighthouse)
Chris Davis (Flames)
Gerry Harter (Lynchburg)